DJ James Kennedy talks retiring 'White Kanye' nickname, new music releases

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Published on September 24, 2020 - Duration: 04:02s

DJ James Kennedy talks retiring 'White Kanye' nickname, new music releases

James Kennedy is "officially retiring" his self-given "White Kanye" nickname, the DJ told Page Six on Wednesday.


DJ James Kennedy talks retiring 'White Kanye' nickname, new music releases

Kanye, if you're listening, Kanye, if you're listening,I would love to get in the studio with you.I've got a whole folder of stuff waiting for you.Like my own Kanye West production folder.Professionally my DJ career is taking off, you know.I'm producing a lot, I'm remixing.And you're officially retiring the "White Kanye"name by the way too.Oh yeah, I haven't said that in a while.I'm, yeah, I'm officially retiring it.I'm just gonna be the James Kennedy,best producer that I can be myself.But his music still lives within me forever.So I'm really excited about this new remixthat I just releasedon the 18th through Spinning Records.It's basically an official remix for Jason DeRulo.And Puri on the beat and there's another one,Jhorrmountain on it.I think I'm pronouncing that right.But the track's called "Coño"and it's a really fun track,it's bass boosted and it hits really good in the clubs,so I thought, "Why not remix it?"("Coño (James Kennedy Remix)" by Jason DeRulo)♪ Right left drip coño ♪♪ Right left ♪♪ Right left drip ♪I think from the beginning of the quarantine, you know,Tik Tok just blew up even moreand I think instead of just young kids dancing on it,there was just so many more adults I was seeing on itusing the platform for whatever their creative outlet is.So I thought, you know, I should just be remixingthese popular songs all these kids are dancing to,maybe one of them will hit.And it's funny that the "Coño" remix was my first onethat I remixed on a, just for the Tik Toks reallyand then if it got some good traction behind it,I would finish the remix and throw it upon my Soundcloud or something.But someone from Spinning Records-someone from Atlantic actually saw the Tik Tokand that's how it basically got the remixto becoming official through Spinning Records,which I'm just absolutely so excited about.It's been a dream of mine to get a release through them,just like my whole career making music and stuff.So it's just like, it's just a great feelingand I'm really excited about the release.Pretty much all of the Tik Tok viral songsI've basically flipped and made themlike house music bangers.I mean, trying to make them-Love that.Yeah.I'd like to check that out.It's such a crazy time right now,I mean for everyone, but especially for performersand DJs, like you can't really get out thereto tour or anything like that,so what's your plan?How do you wanna get your music out there,like where can people check you out?Yeah, so basically, you know, it's crazy you say that,cause I had a whole tour planned this year.This summer was gonna be absolutely epic.I know a whole bunch about,every other artist as well probably had this as well,which is crazy,but I had a big Vegas debut planned in April,so it's just crazy to see how much the music worldhas had to adapt in the last few months.And of course I've adapted with it.I've just been making music non-stop in my littlecubby over there and been doing a lot of mixesand live streams as well, you know;I feel like the visual aspect of it'll, you know,to get a live stream going.If you're mixing from home anyway,I encourage all DJs to just get a live stream goingbecause, you know, it does take a little bitof work to set up, but once it's ready to go,it's a lot of fun and it engages with their audiencea lot more.And I think that's really goodand really important for right now,do you know what I mean?Since no one gets to see their artists out thereon a stage, the next best thing is watching them, you know,from their TV, HDMI cable.And yeah, I just think it's really important to do that.As well as the Tik Toks as I was saying, you know,making the remixes of whatpeople are listening to, trending songs.I think that just gets traction really quickly.So yeah, I'm really excited thoughfor when the world does get back to normaland I can go crazy in a club again, you know.

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