Alvin Kamara back to 2018 form

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Published on September 18, 2020 -

Alvin Kamara back to 2018 form

Despite playing in 14 games last season, Saints running back Alvin Kamara just didn’t seem quite right.

Now, we know that had a lot to do with an October ankle injury from which he never fully recovered until this offseason.


Alvin Kamara back to 2018 form

- despite playing in 14 games,- last season... saints running - - - - back alvin kamara... just didn'- seem quite right.

- now we know that had a lot to d- with an october ankle - injury... from which he never - fully recovered...- until this off-season.- and how quickly we forget what- kamara can do, when he's fully- healthy... having already found- the endzone twice... in - sunday's win, over the- buccaneers.

- that was the biggest difference- in last year's- numbers... down from 18 total - touchdowns, in 20-18... to just- six,- in 20-19.

- perhaps already seeing the- results, from changing up his - workout regimen during- quarantine... as shown in this- balance and core stability- drill... which he calls - controlling random multi- - directional external forces.- - "i feel fast, though.

I feel good.

Same thing- this off-season working with my- trainers and working with - sharif, working - with swayze?- and just trying to keep craftin- and keep finding ways to get- better.

And it's paid off - every year, especially this yea- with coming off an injury.

I- feel back to normal.

I- forgot what it felt like to pla- healthy, so definitely excited- about that."

- - - kamara only had 16 yards rushin- on 12 carries, in week 1... - albeit- against a tampa bay defense...- that ranked first against the - run,

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