Broadway and Beyond

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Broadway and Beyond

Martial Thevenot from the Performing Arts Association joins us to discuss an upcoming digital presentation of classic Broadway musicals and how to purchase tickets


Broadway and Beyond

C1 weekends during the panhandle look a little different than he used to.

We have a concert to tell you about.

Joining us is marshall telling us about broadway and beyond.

Marshall, welcome.

>> yes.

Thank you very much.

We're very excited about this.

New event.

It's all virtual.

Albeit, it will be performed live and recorded live this sunday at 3:00 p.m.

Our time.

It's in eastern time zone.

But, yes, it's going to be a great event and great performances by by jay mark mcveigh and the maestro will take care of the scripting.

Virtual is new.

We have to kind of get used to this idea.

It's definitely enjoyable.

I watched some of their shows and it was very exciting.

I got goose bumps listening virtually.

We can get the excitement for sure.

>> i bet the songs are so familiar you feel like singing along.

Can you give us examples what they will be performing?

>> if you're a fan of phantom of the opera, les miserables.

And jay mark did several performances of that actual broadway show.

Songs from west side story.

Really good songs and jay mark mcveigh as a voice from the heavens.

He's amazing to listen to.

>> this is actually at purdue university, what we're doing as an audience is coming along and getting to see a live concert performed or like you say, you can watch it from 30 days on.

For a full 30 days it's available to you after you purchase a ticket.

>> it becomes a pay-per-view after this sunday and after that, we can replay it as many times as we want.

Any setting with anybody.

It's $22 a ticket for each streaming device.

So, you can have as many people in the room as you want and share it with family and friends as well afterwards >> it's a really good deal.

>> tell us if people want to get tickets what they can do.

>> the easiest way would be to call 279-2215.

Talk to beth or carl.

They will let you know the sign in code to get into the event.

That's probably the best way or if you're comfortable with the internet, you can go online and get it at our website as well.

>> marshall, thanks for being with us tonight.

We hope you have a great show coming up on sunday.

>> yes.

So do

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