Bond Between Student & School Resource Officer

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Bond Between Student & School Resource Officer

Though coronavirus has put a hold on traditional birthday celebrations in the classroom, at Brindlee Primary School a student resource officer is thinking outside the box.


Bond Between Student & School Resource Officer

In marshall county, a special needs student and school resource officer formed a very special friendship.

Because of the coronavirus, students aren't able to have the typical birthday celebrations in the classroom.

So, the brindlee primary school student resource officer thought outside the box for the birthday celebrations with his friend.

Brad ford, sro: "i let him go out and see the car, sit in the car, we went for a ride, he got to mash the buttons, play with the lights and the sirens, and just the look on his face knowing how excited he was to have that opportunity to do something that he'd never got to do before.

You know, it made that birthday special."

Cadence helmick goes to brindlee mountain primary and has special needs.

He used to be scared of police but since the schools resource officer started this school year, cadence has warmed up to deputy brad ford, or as he likes to call him, officer brad.

Me: "do you get excited when you see him?

Cadence: jumping around "yeah!"

Teacher: "is officer brad your best friend?"

Cadence: "yeahhh" for cadence's 7th birthday, officer brad surprised him by driving him around in his patrol car.

This birthday present is just one example of what he does that has a positive impact on the students.

Officer brad: "i try to make a special trip through there to impact those kids as well as everyone else."

Cadence's teacher says he needs to develop his language and social skills.and officer brad helps by stopping by the classroom every day to speak with the students and letting them play with his gear.

Officer brad: "the biggest blessing of the job is when you get some positive and that's a lot of positive whenever you get to see the little kids smile.

It makes it all worth it."

In guntersville, grace campbell waay 31 news.

Officer brad said working in the school gives him and other school resource officers the chance to teach kids at a young age

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