Baby owl found eating a live gecko in Thailand

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Baby owl found eating a live gecko in Thailand

A baby owl made short work of a gecko - eating it alive in gruesome footage recorded in Thailand.

Footage shows the baby bird tearing the reptile apart at a house in Tak province on September 10.

Onlooker Lamai Janta said she rescued the birdling when she discovered it on the ground near her home with an injured eye.

She nursed the bird back to health - believing it was a gentle pet - and named it Hedwig after the owl in JK Rowling's Harry Potter books.

However, Lamai was shocked when he saw Hedwig with the victim, a blue and orange tokay gecko, which it was trying to eat.

Lamai said: ''I was happy seeing the owl healthy again, the poor thing was badly injured when I found it.

''I tried to free the owl after it recovered, but it just would not leave.

It kept on flying back to my home.

''I didn't realise how strong and powerful the owl would be.

It caught the gecko and played with it like a toy.''


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