Domestic Violence Resources For Victims

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Domestic Violence Resources For Victims

There are other options to help you escape from a dangerous relationship as well.


Domestic Violence Resources For Victims

Back back.

This afternoon?


"* a man fa murder charges is recovering in a south carolina hospital after being shot by police.



"*old renard carter accused of killing his girlfriend 23?

"* year?

"*old k foote and her 2?


"*old daughter miyona , in rochester sunday?

"* before fleeing to south carolina with the intent of killing an ex girlfriend./// according to records?


"* ca has a criminal history of violence against women.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson is looking into resources in the community for victims of domestic violence.

She joins us live.


Calyn ?

"* i'm here at the olmsted county government center ?

"* which houses victim services of olmsted dodge and fillmore counties.

Contacting victim services ?

"* or the womens shelter ?

"* is just one of several ways people can get help locally.

If your life is in immediate danger ?

"* laura sutherland ?

"* program manager of olmsted county victim services ?

"* says you should always call 911.

But there are other options to help you escape from a dangerous relationship as well.

There's a 24 hour crisis line ?

"* you can contact your abuser's parol officer ?

"* or you can yu use a resource called "vine" to be notified when someone is released from prison.

The horrific murders of keona foote and her daughter are just one of several shocking incidents victim services has responded to recently.

Sutherland says because of people spending more time at home ?

"* and struggling with uncertainties of financial stress and unemployment ?

"* the pandemic seems to be i don't say this lightly.

We are honestly very concerned at the level of violence we are seeing in the community.

We're all aware of the triple homicide tragically that occured this past sunday the details of which are truly horrific.

I truly wish i could say that thats an anomaly, but its not it can take many attempts for a victim to finally leave an abuser ?

"* and sutherland tells me they recognize how difficult it is ?

"* and that every call a victm makes is an act of courage ?

"* not one of shame.

Live in rochester?

"* annalise thanks annalise.

We'll have the crisis hotline number on our website ?

"* kimt news 3 dot com.

Coming up in october is domestic violence awareness month.

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