Inconceivable! 'The Princess Bride' might have predicted the future

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Published on September 15, 2020 - Duration: 00:58s

Inconceivable! 'The Princess Bride' might have predicted the future

In addition to coining some iconic phrases, “The Princess Bride” might have also hinted at what’s happening right now in 2020.The cast of the 1987 movie recently reunited on Sunday to raise money for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.in an interview promoting the reunion, a CNN anchor pointed out a foreboding scene from the film to director Rob Reiner and actor Cary Elwes.During the first interaction between Elwes’s character, Westley, and Fezzik, played by Andre the Giant, Fezzik pauses their fight for a moment to ask why Westley is wearing a mask.“It’s just that masks are terribly comfortable — I think everyone will be wearing them in the future,” Westley replies.“Boy, oh boy,” Reiner said in response.“Bill Goldman — way ahead of his time,” Elwes commented.

William Goldman was the scriptwriter of the film.Elwes has been particularly vocal on Twitter about the pandemic and people needing to wear masks.“Hello.

My name is Coronavirus.

You don’t want to wear a mask?

Prepare to die.”— Cary Elwes (@Cary_Elwes) July 30, 2020


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