Saints Report: Saints dominate Buccaneers in 34-23 win

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Published on September 15, 2020 -

Saints Report: Saints dominate Buccaneers in 34-23 win

For the first time in league history, Sunday’s game between the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers featured two quarterbacks over the age of 40 on the same field.


Saints Report: Saints dominate Buccaneers in 34-23 win

- for the first time in league- history... sunday's game- between the new orleans saints- and tampa bay buccaneers... - featured two quarterbacks, over- the age of 40... on the same- field.- but drew brees and tom brady- aren't just any old - quarterbacks... ranking first - and second, respectively... in- all-time passing yards... and - touchdowns.

- - - - - - there's brady donning some new- threads... after spending - his first 20 years in the - league, with the patriots...- brees - still rock solid entering his - age 41 season.- and how about this first drive- by the bucs... as brady gets hi- first tampa bay touchdown... bu- it's not a pass... it's a - two-yard- q-b sneak... and a gronk spike- to celebrate... visitors go up- - - - 7- nothing early.

- but the black and gold would- respond... as they seem to- always do... brees hooking up - with the new money man... alvin- kamara on the screen... and he- does the rest... earning every- bit - of that 75 million over five- years... saints tie it, at- 7-all.- and that was just the start of - 24-nothing run, for new - orleans... this time giving it- to kamara, on the ground... sam- result... touchdown saints, fro- six yards out... just - a friendly reminder how good he- is when he's truly- healthy... 14-zero who dat's.

- and this was the early dagger,- for the bucs... janoris jenkins- - - - jumps the out route... and the- jack rabbit is taking this one- all the way back to the house..- 24-7 saints.- new orleans takes this one by - the final score, of 34-23... in- front - of an empty superdome.- - "pretty quiet.

But listen, this- is the new- normal - at least for now.- hopefully we get some fans in - the stadium soon if we- can get everybody in the state- on board with that.

But in the- - - - meantime, we've just got to tak- care of business.

Create our ow- energy is what we stressed this- week.

- no preseason games, you try to- simulate during practice with - situations and going- against your own defense and- trying to put yourself in that- moment.

But - obviously you come out here,- typically you feed off the crow- and hey, it's the start of the- season.

So things were a little- different.

There were definitel- - - - a lot of mistakes i think all - the way around, but we also mad- a lot of good plays.

Defense, a- couple of huge turnovers, pick- six, special teams got a- turnover.

Offensively, i- think there's a lot more to be- desired there.

We can do a lot- - - - better job."- next up for the saints... a - monday night football showdown,- against the raiders... for the- first n-f-l game... ever played- in- las vegas.- - but even that's gonna be hard t- top the television- rating, from sunday's game... - which received a 16.2 overnight- rating... a four-year high, for- a fox week 1 game... and the- biggest t-v audience, since the- super bowl.

- on a down note... star wideout- michael thomas suffered a high- ankle sprain, during the win...- but says it's something he- believes he can

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