Saints, Alvin Kamara “extremely close” to deal

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Published on September 9, 2020 -

Saints, Alvin Kamara “extremely close” to deal

The New Orleans Saints might have come up short in their sign and trade bid for Jadeveon Clowney, but maybe that’s a blessing in disguise for not just the Saints, but also star running back Alvin Kamara.


Saints, Alvin Kamara “extremely close” to deal

- the new orleans saints might've- come up short in their sign and- trade bid, for jadeveon - clowney... but maybe that's a - blessing in disguise... for not- just the saints... but also - star running back alvin kamara.- according to e-s-p-n's adam - - - - schefter... the two sides are - quote, un-quote... extremely- close... to - coming to terms on a lucrative- new extension... that they're - hoping to finalize, in the next- few days.

- the deal would silence any- speculation of a potential trad- involving kamara... also keepin- him in new orleans... - during the prime of his career.- heading into the final season o- his rookie deal... kamara has - more- than 2-thousand rushing and - receiving yards... to go along- with- 38 combined touchdowns... over- his first three n-f-l - seasons.- one plus to staying in town...- soaking up all kinds of - knowlede bombs... from saints - head coach sean - payton... and future hall of- fame quarterback- drew brees.

- - "two of the smartest people i'v been- around.

They're always thinking- ten steps ahead, so that's why- i'm always trying - - - - to be in sean's head, trying to- be in drew's head, just so i ca- be a couple steps up- there with them.

Just as far as- gameplanning, what they're- thinking on - gameday, what they're thinking- next, what they think about a - - - - certain look.

It never stops- with them.

They're never conten- with alright, we put this in, i- looks good, - let's move on to the next.

It's- like we put it in, it looks - good, but what can we do to - make it better?"

The saints will kick off their- 20-20 season, at 3-25 p-m - sunday... - against the tampa bay - buccaneers.

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