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- it just means more, here on the- news 25 friday night- showcase... alongside grace - boyles... i'm jeff haeger... an- in- this new world of covid-19... i- know we're both here... for - whatever kind of high school- football season we can get our- hands on.

- crazy times heading into week 1- of the regular season,- jeff.... we did make it through- 25 teams in 25 days though, so- we're more than ready for this- 20-20 high school football- season- on the coast.

- absolutely, grace... and- speaking of 25 in 25... let's - pick up - right where we left off... with- the school, from stop number- 25... - playing the school, from stop - number 1.

- moss point hosting ocean- springs, in the news 25 game of- the week... blake pennock makin- his coaching debut, for the - greyhounds.

- we pick it up second quarter...- tigers up 7-nothing and - driving... "deuce" lee ii - running the show... and we all- know about- 4-star recruit larry simmons...- - - - but he's got another big time - weapon on the outside... trell- millender... they hooked up for- an- 80-yard touchdown, on the first- play of the game... and - there was plenty more where tha- came from... how- about this 19-yard hook-up... o- a 3rd and 18... first down- tigers... but that drive would- eventually stall out.

- ball back to o-s... southern- miss baseball commit bray - hubbard - getting the start under - center... handing off to david- humphries... and you might wann- put your 3-d goggles on...- cause he's coming right into- your living room... huge gain,- down the visitors sideline.

- that sets up a 44-yard field- - - - goal try, for ethan hunt... and- check out this boot... up and - through... gotta give the - specialists some love, on this- show.

But he wasn't done... and- if you watched southern miss at- all, during the todd monken - era... you might know what's- coming here... surprise onside- kick... this could be anyone's- ball... rayce dossett in a race- to fall on top of it... and he'- got - it... ocean springs football...- - - - huge momentum swing, mid-way- through the second quarter.

- and this time... hunt would onl- be needed, for the extra- point...- greyhounds going right back to- humphries... and he's a "g" plu one... that's gone... touchdown- visitors... as they - go up 10-7.

- this one was back-and-forth for- much of the night... but in the- end... just too much ocean- springs... as the greyhounds- take- this one by the final, of - 26-15... first win at o-s, for- coach - pennock.- - let's head west to bay st.- louis.

Saint stanislaus hosting- saint - martin in this all saints day - affair to kick off each team's- 20-20 - campaign.

- first play of the game and the- season... rock-a-chaws kick-- off... and in comes senior- trustin northington to- recover the onside kick.

Saint- stanislaus takes over on the 34- - - - yard line.- next play... saint stainislaus- quarterback gage peterson - takes the snap... peterson- handsoff to runningback - kyle stegall... stegall finds - the outside and just... keeps..- getting yards!

Stegall gets the- first down, however, the- rock-a-chaws don't find the - endzone this time.

Score still- 0 - 0.- later in the 1st... st.

Martin- quarterback makia herbert - - - - grabs the snap... moves to his- left... finds a hole... and he'- off!

A few rock-a-chaws catch u- with the q-b... spin move!- herbert is finally taken down.- three plays later and just over- - - - 3 mins left in the 1st... heber- stakes the shotgun snap... he - looks for the pass... - just kidding... hebert tucks th- ball and blasts off.

There- - - - aren't any rock-a-chaws stickin- to hebert as he gets the- touchdown, putting the yellow - jackets up 7 - 0.

- saint stanislaus will rally and- capture the battle of the - saints, 21 - 16.- - when mc-kinnley jackson left- george county for texas a&m...- the rebels didn't have to wait- very long for their next- division i- recruit... to take center stage- that's right, jeff... - introducing m-j daniels... a- player that needs no- introduction... even though - we're giving him one anyway.- why not... former ole miss- commit... but still keeping his- options open ahead of the 20- 2- season.

- tonight... his rebels were on - the road taking on pascagoula..- panthers looking good in their- jamboree win, over rival- moss point.

- first quarter... daniels trying- to get something going after a- bad - pascagoula punt... slips one- tackle for a solid gain... but- not a whole lot of offense earl- on... maybe some nervous energy- same drive... check out this- release from olajahwon- harris... he's one of about - seven panthers that have a shot- - - - at daniels... so the rebels - would have to settle for a fiel- goal.

- or would they even get that - much... harris all up in the- backfield again... blocks the - kick... as it falls right into- the hands of- jermaine patterson... huge- defensive stand by the- panthers... - and they're in business... as - the home sideline goes wild.- ensuing drive... more nervous - energy... anxiety the size of a- planet... that's a nine-yard- loss for keonta steward... as h- gets dropped way behind the lin- of scrimmage.

- keilon parnell trying to get- some of that back, on third - and 24... designed run play, fo- the sophomore... and this kid's- got - some hot wheels, man... but tha- drive would end in a- punt, as well.- very first play of the next - drive... ka-ron leverette not - minding his own business... - would rather mind george- county's... forces a fumble...- and the panthers fall on- it... however, they would fumbl- it right back on the very - next play... just that kind of- night for both sides.

- eventually... they would get th- offenses going... always- seems to happen after i have to- leave... and in the end... it's- pascagoula... taking this one..- 24-21 final.- - last game of tonight's- rundown... pass christian hosts- purvis in a re-match of from- last year's first round playoff- when the pirates came away with- the win... the first in program- history.- we pick it up second quarter, - the tornadoes up 13 - 7...- purvis quarterback hunter - robinson under center...- he keeps the ball and tries to- find some place to go..

That's- not - happening.

Linebacker xavian- chamberlain - sacks robinson for a loss.- later in the same series... - robinson handsoff to runningbac- seth boler... chamberlain is al- over the tornadoes again- and takes down boler behind the- line.

- same series... seconds left in- the first half... robinson take- the snap from under center... - makes a figure 8 with the ball- and - - - - keeps it!

Running it in for a - touchdown.... - putting the tornadoes up 20 - 7- going into half.

Purvis holds - the - lead and defeats the pirates 33- - 21.

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