Scott Cochran Recalls Awkward Moment

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Scott Cochran Recalls Awkward Moment

Scott Cochran Recalls Awkward Moment

Night use of overtime 30 and the all the recap from state of georgia special teams coach scott cochran met with the media friday course was a long time strength and conditioning coach at alabama in 2008 when the tide was set to play georgia in athens but also announced there were going to wear black comment jerseysviral, much to cochran's chagrin.

Cochran:"i wasn't planning on it becoming, but at the same time, when it did, i was scared to death.

I was 29.

29-years-old i think?

I mean whoooo!

I thought i was going to lose my job."

Reporter:"did nick or kirby say anything.

Do you remember?

Because a lot of people look at that and go wow scott, you just provided them bulletin board material."

Cochran:"everyone said like they didn't need motivation you just gave it to them.

It's like yeah, thanks.

I'm sure saban appreciated it.

Titans coach

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