Vanderburgh County Sheriff Switches to Republican Party

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Published on September 3, 2020 -

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Switches to Republican Party

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding announced on Thursday his switch from Democrat to Republican.


Vanderburgh County Sheriff Switches to Republican Party

Vanderburgh county's sheriff announcing -- he is switching political parties.

Sheriff dave wedding will now consider himself a republican.

The county's democratic party releasing a statement --- saying they are looking forward to new leadership.

44news reporter- valerie lyons-- takes a look at what the shift means for you.

Vanderburgh county sheriff dave wedding says he's been considering making the switch for a while now -- but that the current political climate was something he could no longer tolerate.

After serving 6 years as a democrat -- vanderburgh county sheriff dave wedding is changing political parties..

Wedding says he's always been a quote "conservative democrat" -- and that he originally ran on the blue ticket to follow a long history of democrat sheriffs.

His switch to the republican party echoes the same move made recently by posey county sheriff tom latham -- both citing current national issues as their reasons.

And wedding says the widespread unrest over police across the country was the final push to make the decision.

"as i watch the news every day i am shocked, i am shocked watching things in portland and seattle where night after night they're out rioting -- they're not protesting, they're rioting -- they're putting police officers' lives in danger every single night, and as a sheriff i cant imagine putting my deputies in that situation."

The vanderburgh county democratic party expressed their disappointment with wedding's departure -- but were not surprised given the current views on police reform.

Wedding says he's not ruling out running for another office -- down the road but for the time being he's focusing on his final two years as sheriff.

Valerie lyons -- 44news.

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