Iowa Farmer outlook

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Published on September 1, 2020 -
Hearing from the former Governor

Iowa Farmer outlook


"* c guidelines take the former iowa governor tom vilsack speaking out this afternoon about the state of agriculture in iowa ?

"* making his case that the trump administration is making things harder on farmers.

Kimt news 3's nick kruszalnicki sat in on the discussion.

He joins us live from mason yes george ?

"* you might remember, vilsack also served as secretary of agriculture under president obama.

He pointed out several areas where he thinks the trump administration has ignored the needs of our farmers.

Vilsack says long before new trade deals with china, mexico and canada were negotiated ?

"* the damage was already done, leaving a depressed market with low commodity prices.

He also criticized the e?


"*a small refinery waivers which he says shrunk the ethanol market by four billion gallons.

Vilsack also suggests the administration' s handling of the pandemic is adding to farmers woes.

He points to iowa's climbing cases as lower third: tom vilsack ?

"* () former iowa governor the 65 thousand or so iowans who have contracted this virus is roughly the same number as the number of folks in japan, who have contracted the virus.

The only difference being, we're a little over 3 million people.

Japan is 125 million people.

Vilsack is campaigning for democratic nominee joe biden.

He will be holding similar news conferences with journalists across the hawkeye state.

Thanks nick.

Vilsack himself ran for the highest office in the land back in 2008.

He dropped out of the race because of a lack of funding and threw his support behind hilary clinton.

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