Watch the TN Sports Hall of Fame Induction Special Sunday, August 30th at Noon on WDEF News 12 Now

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Published on August 28, 2020 -

Watch the TN Sports Hall of Fame Induction Special Sunday, August 30th at Noon on WDEF News 12 Now

Watch the TN Sports Hall of Fame Induction Special Sunday, August 30th at Noon on WDEF News 12 Now


Watch the TN Sports Hall of Fame Induction Special Sunday, August 30th at Noon on WDEF News 12 Now

Let's just now the fourth hall of fame class of 2020 facile presented by the tennessee titans hell of what that was a preview of the and that even honorees for the 2023.

The and how we can dissipate and oxen and get some great items in this bradwell is morning brad good morning to see what i meant about the tennis the fourth hall of fame have a sports person so i'm familiar but not everybody in your final one c-3 not all will down 19 a group of sportswriters meeting at the holiday inn in manchester, tennessee decided that they should come up with their efforts together in an honor sports figures from across the state.

It was actually not put into charter until i was a 1990 and in the tennessee sports hal of fame museum was in bridgestone arena in 2000 we have a 7700 square-foot museum really write the inner tourism in downtown nashville at redstone arena, which is open tuesday through saturday 10 or every day we just encourage people to come in.

Check it out.

You learn about you and learn about your favorite teams and you probably whereabouts, but you never heard about before.

That made great impact state.

I think that when they are belfort person are not there really is something for everyone.

This they now want to talk about 20/20 and corset in diff year in the death little bit what would be the, they'll celebration after this year's inductees and honorees tell us how things are little different.

They are quite a bit different.

In fact, because i took over this position anywhere.

We went around alerting our inductees.

They were going sports hall of fame in march.

And so we held out hope you will lie and we'd still be able to hold banquet because the great thing about going into all thing like this much, but celebration appears orders and the people around yo as it is your accomplishment so we ought we are biggest fundraiser of the year is our bank, and of course we got the point recently decided to what this is not to be in the in the best health health and well- being of everybody involved and want to put our inductees and situation with compelled or something.

Maybe they were comfortable with our strategy again because the biggest fundraiser of the year we wanted to do something different and try to still honor this class and so what you see.

Sunday noon on on news 12 now is a special spot like the entire class xi and duck season are honorees which includes dolly art abdullah questions about ms. dolly in the issues are tennessee and of year really excited that in the me time.

You can also log on your website.

You can help at all because again were a nonprofit for one - 3 is based her nashville that really exists.

Based on the order people like you.


I want to dive into how we can support that between now and over the next couple of days now.

This is get a bni and oxen is like and some of the prizes earlier this morning and i know i place a couple bed gla to give us a preview without giving everything away absolutely so you can go to her website.

Ts hf.net and click on the link.

The silent auction.

All proceeds from that auction are going to go to further our mission with tuesday's portal and your font autograph footballs people like derek henry and jeff fisher unified autograph baseballs for baseball.

There's like dansby swanson tim corbin coach corbin is going to do all is your you will be able to to get on a university of tennessee helmet on autograph personalized winter for peyton manning.

So a lot of great items. nearly 100 items i the from and again that auction up to nine o'clock sunday night.

Log on ts hf.net and you can bit the collectors really enjoy it and although procedure absently.

This is the perfect opportunity for a collector read anti-oppressive collection or height.

Christmas is coming up that to initiate a great exactly right.

I gave it a little bit of money and duck the course of great name that we know in the fourth and again, he mentioned people to sign dollinger champions of the date as well.

I'm significantly a two hour television special airing right here on days from now, starting at noon on 10 day enemy will any information with bats waited a style check some of her website.

Ts hf.net follows on social media were on facebook.

Cn sports hall of fame and on twitter at ts hf.

We appreciate any support.

Anybody can offer.

Check this out.

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