Chattanooga Unite thanks the fans that turned out this season -- new venue, new rules, more to come?

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Published on August 28, 2020 -

Chattanooga Unite thanks the fans that turned out this season -- new venue, new rules, more to come?

Chattanooga Unite thanks the fans that turned out this season -- new venue, new rules, more to come?


Chattanooga Unite thanks the fans that turned out this season -- new venue, new rules, more to come?

Where absolute love, love talking about music and who better to talk about music with dan our next guest is dixie jim joe bob parsley earns bon jovi as i can tell what's going to pay fine.

My friend, looking back here over the past six or seven weeks.

You guys are friends of the festival have pu out a tremendous out of first- rate high-quality live entertainment you guys were the first part of the first people rather in the whole state to do this.

Looking back over those weeks dixie or you most probably won't.

I think the fac that we were so proactive will trigger you how to socially distance people in an open fiel so we basically as we talked about private circles of the grass 10 feet or 10 feet around and everybody stays you down.

There's more love you employed because of this crazy idea and the greats great venue that you guys pick down in tennessee wer part.

Not that ross is landing his right, in its own regards the park's got a lot of things ross is landing okay yeah you know you're right you been up to it.

Jim is really cool music and use one thing that we are proud of using auditors report was first on the rollout beer work which chemicals we manage the closely and we done it for years and we know or doing their but it's just such a great venue.

The grass is just beautifully trailed them in those just really know what they're doing.

They do really nice job of maintaining the property, but was really cool, but this particular thing was it people that i haven't seen out of the house.

March felt comfortable about coming out and i that was most important thing is to fill site music was great.

After these past six or seven weeks now.

Obviously folks have something look forward to better part of too much.

Now this kind of boy or an empty hole in the live music arena.

What you guys going to do to help fill that will weave the plot.

Some of us straight to secure his program which is geared towards not been directly affected by code 19 and i would say that we have only what is largely canceled.

We cancel the three different times in the last for good and it's taken us told everybody mail minutes.

I have some friends in this industry but here's what were doing what we get this we get this money secured the written front sight the single 12 weeks because it is working and what were doing working on there are other venues throughout the state.

It is gotten pictures you know i dave blanca mountain dew drone photographs and of the of and then people taking notes doing this and doing it successfully.

Another 12 weeks, then is incrediblein what traits would start, let's say, everything does come to pass on this get the grant got 12 weeks of the same ... call all gosh or can you tell us that you all yeah sure i would have me nursing.

I love long music music here in chattanooga on my next call to roger l wade did get labeled as first leg you), and those guys right is a rock 'n roll folk hero is a good way to put i've seen the sun come up to three times in the same day with roger l he is my favorite things.

A lot of folks regularize gaps in quality of his song right.

Oh yeah me as credible as i think that's the strongest and always got a lot people in nashville's attention roger joey rogers group's success with roger will be okay to trim back your articles.

You know what would it be great to rotted or email it should really got to be long for an interview with roger allen wade many many years ago i would love to be able to do that again.

My hands get roger to answer the phone.

This is going through there you have a interview with six in the morning to keep him up all the get up early and go roger l wade if he is a lake is watching this program so of both jesse and me right were coming in dixie.

We are on, buddy.

I hope this come through, and i hope you and 12 week job ahead of me to think the shed unite it's been great always to your the man if you want to find out more about what's going on with chattanoog unite and check out the friends of the festival website right w are

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