Congressman Hagedorn investigation

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Published on August 26, 2020 -
The latest from today's news conference

Congressman Hagedorn investigation

And i'm amy fleming./// first tonight.

The head of the democratic party in minnesota denounced first district congressman jim hagedorn today for heavy spending on taxpayer?

"* financed mailings o his constituents.

Democratic famer labor party chair ken martin called for the house ethics committe to investigate in a news conference today.

Kimt news three's calyn thompson joins us live with more on the congressman who is seeking reelection to continue representing the greater rochester area in washington.

George and amy ?

"* i'm outside of congressman hagedorn's district office in rochester.

Martin didn't hold back during today's news conference.

Martin spoke out after stories in the minneapolis star tribune reported emails between congressman hagedorn and his staff show he was personally involved in decision making about the mailings.

The congressman has blamed staff for exhausting a fifth of his nearly one and a half million dollar budget on mailings alone in the first three months of the year.

He fired his chief of staff in mid june.xxx any one of these issues could be a major scandal... but taken together, hagedorn's actions showcase the absolute worst in our politics.

Corrupt, crooked behavior represents why so many minnesotans cannot stand washington dc.

It's time for jim hagedorn to come clean.

Hagedorn said in a statement issued through his campaign committee... "the dfl is lying about the facts in this story to give life to a non?

"* issue and prop up their ultra?

"* liberal candidate, dan feehan, who's radical left?

"* wing vies don't fit the first district."

I did reach out to hagedorn's rochester district office, and am still waiting to hear back.

Live in rochester, hagedorn faces a strong challenge in seeking a second term here in southern minnesota from democrat dan feehan.

He defeated feehan two years ago.

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