Lisa Handback AL Democratic Party

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Published on August 18, 2020 -
Lisa Handback AL Democratic Party

Lisa Handback AL Democratic Party

And respect.

Certainly, an unusual political convention to watch .

The question is - how much did it resonate with voters.

Joining us now live via zoom is lisa handback with the state democratic party executive committee.

Lisa - good morning.

Pause here we are in a state where donald trump won by about 30 points in 2016, what in the messages delivered by even some republicans like john kasich - comes close resonating with a trump voter here?

When it comes to opening the door to independent voters, former first lady michelle obama said president trump lacks empathy and is clearly over his head - that the job is just to big for him.

How does that appeal to undecided voters or independents who may be considering joe biden for president?

Here in alabama kids are returning to either virtual or blended schools, people are struggling to stay afloat - congress and the president can't agree on another stimulus plan.

What was in those speeches last night was meaningful to them?

Alabama senator doug jones, one of the few who did not mention president trump by name, talked about politicians who try to pit us against each other.

But tried to keep his message hopeful.

It's a convention and the opposing party traditionally takes shots.

Yet it seems like this unity is based more on being against someone - like the incumbent president.

What do you think we can expect in the last few days - substantive messages - and will this give the democrats a traditional bounce that can be sustained heading into november?

Lisa handback with the state democratic party executive committee.

Thatnks for joining us with your observations.

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