Debate Student Back To School

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Published on July 15, 2020 -
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Debate Student Back To School

Mcconnell in kentucky mitch mcconnell - primary.jpg increasingly... the debate over students going back to school this fall is creating more concern for parents and educators.

It's going to be expensive... and require even more change for teachers, students, and parents.

U.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell talked about those concerns today... suggestis understands its responsibility.

Abc36's justin roth tells us more on the help congress already has provided the health care industry and what could be next for schools.

L3: abc 36 news white line one line two l3: abc 36 news white line one line two ### 13 "it's this hospital right behind me where the first covid19 patient was diagnosed and treated here in kentucky."

Since then health care facilities across the state have been through huge ups and downs.

Through what is known as the cares act, congress provided money for hospitals, businesses and individuals to offset some of the financial pain.

08 "the people that choose to live in rural kentucky deserve great healthcare and that's what we deliver and sadly it's threatened.

Senate majority leader mitch mcconnell talked about the efforts wednesday in a visit to harrison county.

08 "this is a very unique situation that were in.

We had a new disease that was quickly characterized as a pandemic and then all of a sudden nobody is in the hospital."

With the ongoing pandemic, mcconnell stressed the importance of keeping the economy open.

The next barrier is getting teachers and students back in school.

Paying for those efforts could begin in earnest next week.

27 "there's going to be a heavy emphasis on the bill i'm going to introduce next week on education, i know it will be costly.

I've talked to a number of k-12 educators in our state."

Butted sots "probably going to require some rotation of students in and out cause of class size and the number of students and an orientation of wearing masks.

But it ne syou have to weigh the consequences.

Senator mcconnell also acknowledged a vaccine against the virus isn't going to take awhile.

He joined the growinle should want making it a partisan issue.

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