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Published on June 1, 2020 -
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calipari petition teacher

Breonna taylor has hit over a million signatures.

The petition was started by a law student and urges governor beshear to arrest all of the officers involved in taylor's death.

It also calls for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the louisville police department and an end to "no-knock" warrants through federal legislation.

The petition also says the louisville metro police department should be made to pay taylor's family for quote: "wrongful death and negligence."

Coach john calipari says he's temporarily suspending his coffee with cal show on facebook to focus on ways to open a dialog about racial injustice in the country.

The u-k men's basketball coach launched his weekly show last month to raise funds for covid-19 relief.

Former president bill clinton, n-b-a hall of famer charles barkley and dallas mavericks owner mark cuban have been among the guests.

But last night, calipari posted on twitter that the deaths of george floyd, breonna taylor and ahmaud arbery made him... like many other americans... sick.

He says he now wants to explore a way to discuss race in america.

It's wrong, it's unacceptable, and we have to do better.

We have to demand better.

What i will say is i want to be part of the answer in any way i can.

It might be a small part, but i can't stand on the sidelines while my players, my staff, their sons and daughters our fans and so many others live with fear and injustices calipari says he wants to find the right platform to bring leaders together and generate real discussion abut race and social injustice in the country.

Kentucky's 2020 high school teacher of the year was among the protesters arrested in louisville on sunday.

According to louisville affiliate w-h-a-s..

Matthew kaufmann was participating in the protest over the fatal shooting of breonna taylor when he was arrested for a misdemeanor.

Jefferson county public schools confirmed the arrest of its teacher... saying the district quote - "supports the right of our employees to peacefully protest"- unquote.

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