How many people are actually using masks?

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Published on May 30, 2020 -
Officials still want us to wear face masks, but how many of us are doing it?

How many people are actually using masks?

As people emerge from their homes, some choose to wear masks, while others don't, even when they know the rules.

News 12's taylor bishop has the latest.

"heading out the door you need your wallet, phone and keys; but what about your face mask?"

The cdc says masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand- washing with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

Kerry hayes, chattanooga chief of staff "we keep pressing on them because they matter, because it is clear that as we are reopening things the virus is still spreading" i spoke with several people to see if they are wearing a mask in public or not.

Stephanie merritt, chattanooga "i have a four month old and he was born with upper respiratory distress and he could catch it and so i don't wanna bring it home to my teen or the baby."

Antonio mccrey, chattanooga "in my opinion nothing has changed, the pandemic is still going on around cases are still rising in the area.

Basically all over the world so i just want to be safe you know.

I think no one really knows what's going on if it's airborne or if it's touching the surfaces" the chattanooga covid-19 task force stresses the importance of protective coverings whenever there is more than 10 people around.

"it's up to everybody here to do whatever they possibly can to keep themselves safe and their families safe.

The good news on that is their is more testing available then ever before" in a gallup survey sixty two percent of americans say they wear face masks.

While fourteen percent say they have not considered wearing a mask.

In chattanooga, taylor bishop news 12 now the catoosa county

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