YMCA Responds To George Floyd's Death

Video credit: KIMT
Published on May 28, 2020 -
Those with a local organization are acting in response to Floyd's death.

YMCA Responds To George Floyd's Death

Organization are acting in response to floyd's death.

Kimt news 3's annalise johnson is learning how the ymca is expanding its reach into the community.

Live amy ?

"* because of the minneapolis tragedy ?

"* the ymcas of greater twin cities wants to work harder in its communities to address racism ?

"* inequities ?

"* and disaparities.

Its expanding efforts to do so at all of its locations ?

"* including here in rochester.

The ymca says its team's hearts are broken and sadness is deep as they stand with all in their community who are devastated ?

"* disappointed ?

"* disgusted ?

*d distressed by a tragedy that was avoidable.

The y is now increasing its efforts to serve the community by adding more classes ?

"* forums ?

"* a listening sessions to the ymca equity innovation center ?

"* equipping its staff serving youth and families so people can get support to manage trauma peacefully and deal with the effects of the coronavirus crissi ?

"* and collaborate with local and national partners to fight against inequities.

We just want to make sure our communities know we're here for them and have the capacity to be able to reach out to them right now ?

"* the y is working to set up a virtual platform for a community engagement session.

Live in rochester kimt news 3 thank you annalise.

As kimt was on the phone with the ymca minnesota headquarters this afternoon ?

"* it was preparing to evacuate staff because looters were in the area.

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