Thrift Stores Spring Cleaning (5-27-20)

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Published on May 28, 2020 -
Thrift Stores Spring Cleaning (5-27-20)

Thrift Stores Spring Cleaning (5-27-20)

Quarantine has left people with more time on their hands...maybe more time for family activities or spending time in the yard...but thrift stores say residents spent their time spring cleaning!


Joseph's second hand shops are seeing a spike in donations.

Kq2's kilee thomas has the story.

Thrift stores are booming with donations "the volume of each donation is much larger."

"yes, we have had a big jump in donations.

Although, a lot of that was because every thrift store was closed.

Luckily, our donors were holding on to their donations and bringing them to us."the reason behind the spike?

Spring cleaning!

Second hand stores say their donors spent their time in quarantine cleaning out their closets... creating a stockpile ready to go "people were home, they were cleaning the house and so that has made a big difference for us."

"people have been storing up their donations since march."one local thrift store says the jump in donations is a relief finances took a hit from the shutdown"we lost over a 7-8 week period of time, between sales and the loss of the grant from mosaic for urban mission, almost $80,000."with many families facing unemployment they're here to help.

"that population is the greatest we've seen in years."

"we know there is going to be more people.

The face of what poverty is going to look like could be you or me or someone we know, a friend or coworker has lost a job or has been sick and we're here to help those people."

If there's ever a time to declutter reporting in st.

Joseph, kilee thomas kq2 news both pivotal point and goodwill say they're following cdc guidelines...employees are wearing face masks, social distancing and limiting store occupancy...goodwill also says they're using older donations first...allowing the freshest donations to quarantine before hitting the floor.

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