Street Repair Budget Cuts (5-26-20)

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Published on May 27, 2020 -
Street Repair Budget Cuts (5-26-20)

Street Repair Budget Cuts (5-26-20)

Noticeable signs of st.

Joseph's struggle to balance the books post- coronavirus.

Good evening, i'm alan van zandt.

As city leaders develop their final plan for next year's budget, projections are in it's going to be a tough year.

Lots of cuts are coming, including $2 million dollars to the city's street maintenance fund.

Kq2's kilee thomas spoke with city staff on how this bump in the road could affect local drivers.

While the city is sure to feel the impacts of the pandemic city streets are still paving the wayánat soundá"we're gonna be able to do a lot of what we wanted to do.

Of course, there's been some belt tightening, but we're trying to get around that the best we can."

The city is proposing a $2 million dollar cut in street maintenance "we won't be able to do everything that we wanted to do, but there is funding there to do street repair, yes."

$5.4 million dollars of the city's budget went to street repairs last year allotts $3.6 million street maintenance will have to be limited like slurry seal "there were some discussions early on in the budget, planning sessions, that we weren't going to do slurry, but then it was decided they were going to find the funding to do it.

That will be something we won't get quite as much done, but that's more of a time thing."

While the budget is tighter says streets are in pretty good shape "they're really not that bad.

We didn't have that bad of a winter."

City staff say st.

Joseph's streets are constantly being repaired.

"we're doing pot holes everyday.

We're prepping the streets for some slurry seal this year, our concrete team is going full out."

City staff ensure city streets will not be put on the way side this year.

"no, no.

We've got funding to go."

Reporting in st.

Joseph kilee thomas kq2 $900,000 of the capital improvement sales tax will go towards the city streets as well...same as last year.

The $3.4 million dollar proposal will be up for first read on june

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