No Mask Mandate for Rochester

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Published 2 weeks ago -
Mayor Norton responds to MInneapolis

No Mask Mandate for Rochester

Earlier today, the mayor of minneapolis signed a regulation requiring that people wear face masks inside public spaces to limit the spread of covi?19.

Earlier this evening we told you no such move will be made here in the med city.

George spoke to the mayor about that this afternoon.


Mayor norton asked governor tim walz if masks would become a state requirement back when the governor started signing executive orders to limit the spread of covid 19.

The governor said he'd consulted other governors and found there was great public resistance to any sort of mask mandate.for her part, mayor norton asked leaders at mayo clinic if there would be any value in issuing a requirement that the public wear masks.

And they did not jump on that.

There are a couple of concerns that i'll just mention.

One is that we don't have enough ppe yet for our healthcare people, there's still a concern among the mayo clinic employees and olmsted medical and others, some have more than ohers, but we also have nursing homes and senior living facilities and seniors and people with disabilities and people who work with people with disabilities that are still nervous about not having enough equipment for themselves.

The mayor is very clear she doesn't want the public to be competing with healthcare professionals for a still diminished supply of personal protective equipmen?

And clearly if you put an order in plac??

Not everybody has a 90 year old coming up tonight at ten, george also talked to mayor norton about the growing resentment of restaurant operators for governor tim walz and his stay safe minnesota plans.

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