Inside 9 Deluxe California Mansions Worth A Combined $570M

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Inside 9 Deluxe California Mansions Worth A Combined $570M

Today AD brings you inside the 9 most remarkable California properties we've toured for On The Market.

From indoor hockey rinks and prehistoric fossils to car elevators and secret tunnels, have a look at what $570 million gets you in the Golden State.


Inside 9 Deluxe California Mansions Worth A Combined $570M

[upbeat music]- Right to the right of the entrance,you have a six car car elevatorbecause you're never surewhat car you really want.It goes down fully flush,so you don't even knowthat it's a car elevator.And you could park twocars right on there,and then two cars can befloating over 20 feet high.So, you choose what car you want,you pull it right out to the turn around,and then it spins youaround and spits you rightout the gate just like Batman.- This extension closethas an entire glam section.It also has extra wardrobe soyou can do seasonal wardrobes.You also have the naturallight and a step downoutside fitting area, so thatyour tailor can come overand do all of you fittingsin natural lightingwhich is really key.And if you follow me behind hereis your pedicure, manicure station,also your shampoo and hairdressercomes right in through this doorto glam you and get you readyfor anything you wanna do.- Here we are in the signaturefeature of this house.The indoor pool.And it is by far one of the mostluxurious pool features I've ever seen.You have this gorgeous pool,entertainers area, and Hammam features.Fun fact,Prince used to live in this house.So, when Prince used to have jam sessions,he used to cover this pooland play in this very area.And one detail you might not noticeis this pool is directlybelow the outdoor one.And it is a very similar shape.And finally, the water featurethat I showed you guys aboveis actually a skylight for this room.Off to the side here,we have massage rooms,steam showers and sauna.This area combined is biggerthan most people's homes.It's fabulous, it'sgreat for entertaining,and it's super fun.- So, here we are in the entrywaywith this beautiful Allosaurus.It's a dinosaur fossilfrom the Jurassic eraprovided by Geoworld, Stefano Paccni,is a paleontologist.It's 63% complete whichis high in the dino world.It's about 150 million years oldand it's for sale for $1.5 million.And with the right offer,I'm sure I can throw it in.So, in the kitchen we have dual island.Pietra Carrara marble, which is beautiful,with hidden features like this.So, if you're working from homeand you wanna charge yourphone or you computer,you have that option.Nice hidden amenities.Reveals beautiful Mieke appliances.You have your espresso machine,your ovens, your microwaves,your stove top here,and of course you have the butlers kitchenright around the corner, sowhen they're preparing mealsyou don't have to have the noiseand hustle and bustle in your face.And of course, automated pocket doors,so when you have guestsover, your whole kitchenspills over into your deck,exposing this unparalleled viewof the corridor and to theocean on a normally clear day.So, with the doors open youget this beautiful beach vibe,with the ocean breeze comingin, you have champagne on ice,your friends coming over,you're sitting here,taking the view in.Maybe some people are doing lapsin your 80 foot infinity edge pool.With a really nice backdrop,where you have thiscity scope in the back,and then kinda the foreground isa little more intimate withtrees, privacy, the greenery.All the furniture in this housewas custom made byVisionaire, Lorenzo Cascinovery, very, expensive.There's about a million dollarsworth of furniture in here,included with the right offer.- Here we are in the boldestdesign feature of the housewhich is the exterior shark tankand live wall behind me.As exciting as it is with the sharks,people seem to love to come out here,relax and sometimes even meditate.Off the shark tank is the cigar room,which offers ventilation and a humidorto store all your exclusivecollection of cigars.Whether you're conducting a meetingor just coming to relaxand enjoy your cigars,you have a perfect viewof your shark tank.- So, I said this houseis for entertaining.What's better than at 2,000square foot night club?You've got your own DJ booth,you've got six differentvignettes for seating.We've got an elaborate lighting system,lasers, black lights, disco balls.There's even doors tolead out to the pool,but they're outfitted with blackout shadesto keep the environment in here dark,so you truly feel likeyou're in a nightclub.It's even got a 2,000foot marble dance floor.Bottle service here starts at $55 million.- Welcome to the swimming pool area.There's a 75 foot length swimming pooland a pool house as well.Tons of parties were held here.During a birthday party, theyhad a swimming competition.Right before the starting gun went off,one of the competitors pulled outand asked for a replacement.Out of the tunnel, walked Michael Phelps.Needless to say, anyone who swamthat day didn't get higherthan a silver medal.And these are the secretunderground tunnelsthat lead you from the pool to the house,to the outer walking grounds.They were built back in the 1930sby the original owner Lynn Atkinsonwho was a renowned civil engineer,and the echo iswild.Come on in.Look at these finished walls.Even with the lightinginside, it's so magnificent.Luciano Pavarotti used tovisit Chartwell quite often,and he used to love to come downinto these tunnels and practice singingbecause of the acoustics and the echo.Hello!And if you listen closely,you can hear the birds chirpingwhich echo throughout the tunnels.Wait till you see this.We call this the Giants Head.It was first seen by oneof the landscape architectsover in Italy, and this is a replica.It's made out of paper mache, wiringand a concrete type mixture.- Not only is this the perfect modern poolbecause it's unobstructedand it completely spills over Los Angeles,but it's a double deckersee-through glass bottom pool.You can see down to the next pool under,the next deck under.But what's even cooler,you can see right up.You have this reallygreat reflecting pool,and it also has a great baja shelf,so if you wanna lay in itor you have young kids that are here,they can play right herein this little pool.Remember I told you aboutthat double decker pool?Well here it is.And if you look up,you can see through the pool upstairs.Really, really cool.I've never seen anybody do it like this.We have another seating area over here.Lounges everywhere, thishouse is meant to have fun,enjoy yourself, let loose and relax.- The first of two headlining amenitiesis this full scale hockey rink.On more than one occasion,the San Jose Sharks haveplayed on this rink.How many houses comewith their own Zamboni?Not a big hockey player or a hockey fan?No problem.It's not only a stunning hockey rink,this structure can be easily usedfor a tennis court or a horse arena.Truly a versatile space as well.- And finally, the golf course.This exquisite practicefacility runs 110 yards.It features two greens,three bunkers and multiple tee areas.So, you can practice nomatter what your skill level.And it's got views rivalingany golf course in the world.- As you come out hereto the dining terrace,you've got his beautiful, severalhundred year old oak tree,cantilevered over the lap pool.It provides a beautiful back dropand focal point of the property,you can entertain here, livehere, and enjoy the backyard.The focal point of the groundsis really this organically shaped pool.It provides a greatbackdrop for entertaining,living, lifestyle and lots of family funin the summer and spring here.We've got a jacuzzi on the other sidewhich is great for the cold evenings,and then in addition tothat you've got accessto the sitting area and theoutdoor dining space as well.The entire backyard is envelopedin these beautiful oaks,and then you've got the beautiful feeland sound of the waterwhich is so tranquilbeneath the huge oak tree behind us.It truly is the quintessentialCalifornia back yard,and great for the LA lifestyle.The architect named thehouse the upside down home,reason being that mostof the square footageis actually integrated tothe hillside below grade,which means the entertainingand public rooms are above,and then all the bedrooms are down belowand exposed to the outside.This is central atrium that sits betweenthe two secondary bedroomsand the master bedroom,so if you peak in, it actuallyfeels like you're outdoorsand you're on the mainlevel with the house,however, it's actually subterranean.

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