It's a 'Pub Day' like no other in Australia's outback

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It's a 'Pub Day' like no other in Australia's outback

The chief minister of Australia's outback Northern Territory was one of the first people in the country to pour a beer in public for weeks as the region's pubs reopened their doors on Friday after an almost two-month coronavirus shutdown.

Emer McCarthy reports.


It's a 'Pub Day' like no other in Australia's outback

Midnight in Darwin and the Northern Territory's Chief Minister Michael Gunner was rolling up his sleeves-- pulling pints as the region's pubs reopened their doors after nearly two months.

"The territory has been kicked in the guts by the coronavirus and today is the day that we fight back.

I know for a lot of people this is pub day, but it's also gym day, cafe day, mani and pedi day and there's also reasons to be excited about today.

But for me this is jobs day." The sparsely populated Northern Territory, which has had fewer than 30 COVID-19 cases and no deaths among its 250,000 residents, was the first to fully reopen bars and pubs.

There are still some restrictions, including a two-hour time limit for patrons who must be seated at spaced-out tables.

But those did little to deter patrons.

"I've been craving a cold beer and yeah, just had a pub lunch, just hopefully get back to normal." Australia is following a three-step plan out of social distancing measures, but each state and territory is moving at their own pace.

New South Wales residents were back in the water on Friday (May 15), as public pools reopened with a maximum of 10 people.

Bringing a smile to Sydney swimmers.

"It's amazing, can you see this grin?

The water is so warm, it's crystal clear, it's probably the best it's been all summer, maybe because there has been no people swimming in it.

It's just amazing.''

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