MGCCC’s Steven Campbell wins AD of the Year

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Published on April 1, 2020 -

MGCCC’s Steven Campbell wins AD of the Year

If Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College winning a football national championship is any indication, 2019 was a pretty good year up at Perk.


MGCCC’s Steven Campbell wins AD of the Year

- if mississippi gulf coast - community college winning a - football- national championship is any- indication... 20-19 was a - pretty good year up at perk...- and today... the punctuation- mark on the year that was... fo- n-j-c-double-a athletic directo- of the year steven- campbell.

- the third-year a-d of the - bulldogs wins the inaugural - award, for success both on and- off the field... starting - with the aforementioned nationa- title, back in- december... which capped off a- perfect 12-0 dream season.- on the diamond... former n-j-c-- double-a player of the year - brandon parker led the bulldogs- to 29 wins... en route- to his 10th-round m-l-b draft - selection... by the atlanta - braves.

- off the field... gulf coast has- a cumulative student-athlete- g-p-a, of 3.37... to go along - with an impressive graduation - rate... of more than 97 percent- - "obviously you win a national championship- in football, that's huge right?- that can go on to be a really - positive thing at your- institution - for a lot of years so that was- awesome.

Like i said, we've gon- up in our - student-athlete graduation rate- every year that i've been here,- so it's awesome - to see that continually climb.- you've got brandon parker who - got drafted and he's- - - - one of the best players in the- entire njcaa, all-american- two-time.

Just- fantastic, just awesome to have- a guy like that come through- gulf coast- and be able to work with a youn- man like that.

So yeah, those - are some of the things- that were awesome about this- year.

Hopefully we can keep thi- deal going and- continue to grow on it."

- - - a gulf coast alum... campbell - returned to perkinston... in- august of

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