NFL expanding playoff field to 14 teams

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Published on April 1, 2020 -

NFL expanding playoff field to 14 teams

When it comes to post-season format, today’s NFL looks a lot different than yesterday’s NFL.


NFL expanding playoff field to 14 teams

- when it comes to post-season- format... today's n-f-l looks a- lot - different... than yesterday's - n-f-l.- for the first time in three - decades... the league is- expanding its playoff field...- from 12 teams... to 14 teams. - today... the n-f-l announced a- two-team playoff- expansion, starting this year..- with the addition of an - extra wild card game... in each- conference.

- to accommodate that change... - only the top seed in each - conference... will receive a- first-round bye.- the remaining division champion- will be seeded 2-3-4, - by best overall record... - followed by the three wild card- teams... at 5-6-7.- if the newly proposed playoff - system had been in- place, the last 10 seasons... - the n- f-l would've added five- 10-win- teams... nine 9-win teams... an- - - - six 8-win teams. as it pertains- to the new orleans saints...- they would've been in - or out, each of those ten - seasons... regarless of the - change.

- the league also proposed a 17-- game regular season - schedule, starting in 20-21...- while shortening the- pre-season... to just

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