Ocean Springs residents ordered to stay home

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Ocean Springs residents ordered to stay home

In a continued effort to protect the community, Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson orders residents to stay home.


Ocean Springs residents ordered to stay home

- in a continued effort to protec- the community,- ocean springs mayor shea dobson- orders residents to stay- home.

- news 25's victoria bailey spent- the afternoon - talking with residents about th- new safety measureif this- is what they wanted" mayor shea dobson and the board- of aldermen voted - unanimously saturday to direct- all residents to stay - home, - except to get food or medical - attention or to go to work in - essential businesses.

- "no dining inside or outside, s it's only curbside or delivery- or pick up that type of - thing no gatherings of groups - over 10 people and we put out a- list of other businesses- - - - basically the gist of it is if- you can't conduct your business- without being 6 foot from the - client then you probably- shouldn't be doing it and you - need to close" ocean springs resident susannah- snyder works in the downtown- area.

She says the orders impac- - - - her job but she couldn't agree- with them more.

- "i really think it's the right thing to do and that you can- tell when you're looking around- that people in ocean springs ar- paying attention and they're- trying to do the same - - - - we all want to support our smal- businesses for as long and as - much as we can but- now is the time to change your- ways a little and take one for- the team so we can all- get through it" on the other hand, mike butler- says safety is his number one - priority too but the orders see- to be a step too far.

- "i understand it but i think some of these restaurants that- have outdoor seating i don't- - - - see why they couldn't have- limited 11 people and let them- go ahead and stay open- because i see so many people ou- - - - of work right now" mayor dobson says hopefully things will get- back to normal- soon but for now, the measures- are for the safety- of all.

- "we're working with other mayor's and other officials.

Ou- goal is to have this- lifted as soon as possible.

- shutting down businesses isn't- something i would - ever envision i would have to d- but it's one of those hard- - - - decicions that we reluctently - had to do" - -

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