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- health officials confirm the- first coronavirus death in- mississippi.- the case was a male 60-65 years- - - - old from hancock county with- chronic underlying conditions.- he died in a louisiana- hospital.

- the mississippi state departmen- of health is- reporting 16 new cases of - covid-19 in the state, with 18- total cases in- the coastal counties.

- seven counties now have their - first case of coronavirus.- this includes holmes, jones,- smith, walthall, wilkinson, - winston and yazoo counties.

- the state total now stands at - 50, with 602 individuals- tested.

- - a south carolina man wanted for- five counts of attempted- murder has been captured in - jackson county.

- sheriff mike ezell says a - nationwide release was- issued wednesday on 33 year old- jonathon emilien.

- around 11pm wednesday night, th- jackson county- emergency services unit was - called out after the car- emeilien was driving was spotte- at the eye-10 - westbound rest stop in gautier.- deputies found emeilien sleepin- in the car and took him into- custody.- he will remain in the adc,- awaiting return to south- carolina.

- - two inmates who escaped from a- community work center were- captured.

- 23 year old bobby charles morga- and 20 year old caleb - andrew johnston were capture- after escaping from - the wilkinson county community- work center in- woodville on tuesday.

- officers located the two men in- a mobile park home in - d'iberville.- both morgan and johnston are- facing additional charges - including, escape and theft.- morgan had been serving 11- years, since 2016, for four - counts of - burglary.

- johnston was sentenced to 16- years in august 2016 on two - counts of grand larceny, three- counts of nonresidential- burglary, and vehicle burglary.- - 38-year-old donald holden - reportedly went missing after h- said he was going to an unknown- location in - d'iberville to "hang out with - some guys."

- holden is 5 feet 9 inches tall,- weighing 140lbs, and was last - seen wearing a long sleeved - - - - white shirt and blue jeans, - driving a silver 2003 grand - marquis with mississippi tag- had0353.- if you have any information on- this case, contact the- biloxi police department.

- - here's meteorologist ryan mahan- with a quick look at- your weather.

- - surface high was along the east- - - - coast with a well established - onshore - flow across the area this - afternoon.

A series of waves- trough- will eject east in a southwest- flow through saturday.

The- first - wave will push east and the - associated surface low- over northwest- kansas will track northeast - through friday.

An associated - cold- front will approach the - northwest zones friday- afternoon and - friday night.

Low level moist - flow will pump in marginal- - - - the death toll from coronavirus- in italy has- overtaken china's... as other - countries scramble to - slow the spread within their ow- borders.- here in the u-s... unemployment- claims are surging as - congress rushes to pass a - massive stimulus bill as the- first - look at dismal job numbers are- released.

- sarah dallof has the story.

- - on the front lines of the fight- against coronavirus..

- signs critical protective gear- for medical workers is in - dangerously short supply... - running so low the c-d-c is - advising the use of bandanas- when masks aren't available.- nats entering room- the trump administration- promising a surge of- masks...and ventilators that- could be used to protect people- and save lives- but the president backing off a- earlier promise - to invoke a wartime power to- draft companies into- producing critical equipment...- saying it's the - job of cities and states to fin- their own.- sot pres.

Trump / no super- needed :xx-:xx- "but the federal government is- not supposed to be out there- buying vast - amounts of items and shipping -- you know - we're not a shipping- clerk."

- the president briefly raising - hopes the government has- figured out how to fast-track - and repurpose drugs to help - fight the deadly symptoms.- sot pres.

Trump / no super- needed :xx-:xx- "we're going to be able to make- drug available almost - - - - immediately."

But moments later- his f-d-a commissioner suggeste- it- wouldn't be so quick... and - testing still has to take place- sot dr. stephen hahn / fda- commissioner- :xx-:xx - "no promises can be made - but- one thing that we're doing - is- really working hard to- fast track as much as possible.- working is something worrying a- lot of americans.

- graphic - jobless numbers - thousands are already out of- jobs -- graphic out - and many more worried they won'- have jobs to come back to - when the crisis passes.

- the big three automakers idling- production lines- for the next two weeks.

- airlines canceling flights.

The- stock market losing all the - gains its made in the last- three years.- a day after president trumps- signed an initial aid bill to - provide some sick leave... and- free virus testing..- legislators racing against the- clock to pass a trillion- dollar economic stimulus..- that could help ailing- businesses... - and put checks in american's- mailboxes in a matter of weeks.- - as local residents continue to- stay home and - practice social distancing, man- are trying to mentally adjust - to the several quick lifestyle- changes that may come with it.- since the coronavirus outbreak- in mississippi, - gulfport behavioral health- system has seen an- increase in mental health calls- the facility is open 24 hours a- day with live assessment- staff to help people determine- what their best needs - are, and are still accepting- patient admissions.

- as recommended by the c-d-c, al- patients will be screened befor- entering the building, and the- facility is not currently - accepting visitors.

- the gulfport behavioral health- system ceo understands- that social isolation and - self-quarantine are not the nor- for us.

- he encourages those struggling- to give them a call,- or practice a few simple tips a- home.

- - "maintain some level of - structure.

We all - have some structure in our day,- so keep those things in place.- if you don't have a - schedule, put a schedule in - place and also maintain some- social connections.

I - know we're talking about social- distancing, but there are plent- of ways to- use technology that we can- continue to have those- relationships.

They - may not be in person.

I highly- recommend facetime, phone calls- - - - texts, email."- - - - ownes also recommends the same- for parents with- children at home and out of - school...keep a level of- structure and continue to - connect them with their - friends.- - mississippi public schools will- be closed until at least april- 17th- to slow the spread of the - coronavirus.- gov.

Tate reeves signed the - order today.- the governor is encouraging - students to continue- learning.

- mississippi reported 50 - confirmed cases of the- coronavirus as of today, up fro- 34 on wednesday.- reeves says schools will- continue to receive state - money and teachers will be paid- the governor also says end- - - - - of-year testing requirements an- school accountability measures- will be waived.

- the state board of education- voted today to waive the- requirement of 180 days of- instruction for the current - academic year.- harrison county school district- superintendent roy gilll says - his - district is prepared to do- what's best for the students.

- - " our teachers understand how t- recoup that time and to do the- necessary steps to make sure al- of our students are - successful this year and that's- the most important part in this- time as we get- through it we all work together- to make sure that our students- needs are met and - when we get back we move forwar- - - - and we have a successful year"- - - - we will have the full story - tonight and also hear from the- gulfport school district- superintendant about the plan - of action during this outbreak.- - with many places practicing - social distancing, several- events- and activities are cancelled- including the university of - southern mississippi's- graduation ceremony.- this is lakeitha luster who's - worked for years on her - degree in social work.- she was looking forward to- walking across the stage may- 14th but the covid-19 pandemic- has it posponed till possibly - sometime in july.

- news 25's victoria bailey sits- - - - down with luster and has her- reaction tonight on news 25 at - and 10.

- - ryan will have a full forecast- after the break plus, - the mississippi lottery - corporation is switching to - mail-in claims due to the - pandemic.

- - - as

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