Forster Children

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Published on December 10, 2019 -
Foster Children

Forster Children

Pronounced dead at the scene.

The car fell from a lifted position.

Greenville county sheriff's office is investigating this incident.

>>> this holiday season children will not be asking for toys but rather perhaps a gift of family.

>> jon bruce: that's the reality year-round for thousands of children and south carolina's foster system and white one nonprofit says they need more foster parents to grant that wish.

>> tessa spencer: brooke schwieters met with a parent to learn more about the journey.

>> brooke schwieters: the south carolina youth advocate program is for placements for at risk children.

This program ays that 4500 children are in the state system at a time and the need for year-round foster parents has gone.

I sat down with jonathan dugan who is a schoolteacher and single foster parent who tells me he's had for foster placements so far and that each child has his or her own challenges and need a stable environment and open heart and a place to be a kid.

He says he is now he now recognizes the need for more foster parents and the reward that comes with this new role.

>> it comes down to taking time to get to know children and taking time to realize that they will make mistakes and have moments where they need space.

They just need a safe place to be with structure and someone to show they care and take the time to build a relationship.

Need to let them be a kid.

>> brooke schwieters: scyap has served children and families at south carolina since 1990 along with foster placement services and also provides youth and mental health and community-based programs. coming up we meet a couple who have opened their home to foster children for nearly 3 decades.

>> jon bruce: learning to become a south carolina with the south carolina youth advocate program you cangive them a call as they take those now at

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