Dave Shaw returns to high school officiating

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
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Dave Shaw returns to high school officiating


Last night, oregon beat beaver dam in boys basketball 73-63..

And in that game ..

A familiar face was back in a familiar position..

Dave shaw put on his striped shirt and returned to being a basketballfficial..

He was an official for 27 years doing w.i.a.a.

And w.i.a.c.

Games, but an injury forced him to the sidelines eight years ago..

Well, dave shaw still ha the itch to give back to the sport, so this year, he decided to return to officiating and his comeback started last night in oregon.

((( "dave shaw:" referees are hard to find these days so i just felt like i've got some gas in the tank- i think i can still do this and i found out last night-- i'm still ok at it.

"))) shaw says it went well last night and that he's really glad he finally decided to take the plunge again and get back into officiating..

We've all heard the stories about the need for good high school officials in all sports.... dave shaw hopes his return to the court might inspire some others to consider being an official as well.

((( dave shaw"we need officials to give back and do it for the kids and for the love of the game and i hope maybe some other people, young people will take a look at it, ex-players might say to themselves and say it's something i want to do and give back to the game, give back to the

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