Flooding concerns in Chico

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Published on December 5, 2019 -

Flooding concerns in Chico

The rainy season is causing huge piles of wet leaves and flooding concerns in Chico.


Flooding concerns in Chico

Rainy season is causing huge piles of wet leaves.... action news now reporter kristian lopez spoke to concerned neighbors in chico.

They're worried about potential flooding.

Kristian ll vsv: take a look at this giant pile of leaves behind me, these wet leaves are causing concerns for people in chico.

Adam murphy- gonzales/lives in chico: my biggest concern has to be that the floods are gonna be as bad as they were last year, and it's gonna effect our house or anywhere in the city.

Neighbors in chico wish these leaves - would just leave!

Cheri neal/lives in chico: it's pretty annoying, they get really soggy when it rains and no one seems to come pick them and the piles just get super huge and parking is already tight on these streets, so then when you have a pile a leaves taking up one or more parking spots it's frustrating if you have to park several parks away from where you live.

Large piles of leaves are not only causing a big inconvenience - but also flooding concerns&.

Crews were out cleaning up some of those piles of leaves near the train tracks on west sacramento and north cedar street earlier today.

Trey olsen/lives in chico: they're really just scattered all over the place, maybe the city could contract more people to clean up and get those piles out of the way at least.

Coming up at 5 we spoke to public works, who told us what areas they're focusing on this week, reporting in chico kristian lopez action news now, coverage you can count on.

### public works says they're working around the clock to pick up as many leaves as they can around town, we'll hear from them in the next hour.

### a massive parking

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