UO breaking ground on $87M dorm building

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
The $87 million dormitory will house 700 students.

UO breaking ground on $87M dorm building

University of oregon began construction on a 200 million dollar student housing project on monday...which will eventually bring the number of beds on campus to 5,400.

And as kezi nine news reporter connor mccarthy found...the construction project is bringing in mixed reviews for the univeristy.

"i'm really looking forward to the upper division housing, i know they're going to implement sort of junior and senior level housing which is something we havent had here."

U-o is begining a five year student housing project that will add 400 new beds.

Initial plans call for a new dorm next to hamilton hall --- which will eventually be demolished.

Liz donovan is a sophomore at the university of oregon and she's happy to see more housing added but she is not looking forward to losing "humpy-lumpy- lawn"--a green space for recreation and relaxation.

"it's kind of sad, it was one the only greenery areas left on campus and it's right in the middle of my path to class but i suppose the new building will be good once its done it's just kind of a bummer we have to go through the construciton now."

The university says to replace humpy- lumpy-lawn, they will add a new green space where hamilton hall is now.

There is also some students who are concernd about the eniviromental impact.

""it doesn't really make sense.

Instead of renovating old construction to make it more energy effecient or more comfortable for the residents living there, they're starting from scratch."

Reporter: "the one thing the university says they are preserving is this row of 50 year old sequoia and red maple trees along east 15th avenune.

Some will stay and some will be used as interior design for the new dormitory."

The university also says the new buildings will be 50 percent more energy effecient than the older dorms. "the buildings that are being taken down have really come to the end of their useful life so it was looking at the extensive renovations and we made different choices."

The project is begining at the heels of the completion of a 48 million dollar renovation of bean hall that finished this year.

All freshmen are required to live on campus... and they have 10 dorms to choose from.

The prices range from 9 thousand to 20 thousand dollars a year... including meals.

The entire project will be complete in 2024.

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