Some people in Jackson County are worried about herbicides

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Some people in Jackson County are worried about herbicides

Some people in Jackson County are worried about herbicides

[a36]roadside toxins-llpkg leah says " some people in jackson county are worried about what is being sprayed on the sides of roads.

Walker it's not just us.

It effects every single person.

About a dozen people met with jackson county commissioners wednesday morning.

They wanted to talk about herbicides being used on public roads.

Kristeina we are looking for having a way to reduce the amount of herbicides.

Professor 'm hear to say that our regulators cannot keep up with the latest cutting edge scientific information that's coming out.

The meeting was filled with a wide range of people.

Mothers, scientists and environmentalists had the same goal.

Kristeina pretty concerned about what is happening to not only our ecosystem but to our people our generation, our pollinators, our fish.

Krsteina lefever is a board member of beyond toxics , an environmental group.

She says she really just wants to open up a conversation with the commissioners.

Kristeina we are asking to have a discussion, a working session with people that have done this before in outher counties and other states.

Professor we were told this morning they have made a decision, they are doing everything right and they aren't interested in working with us.

Professor ray says multiple publications and studies about herbicides reveal the problems it can cause.

The world health organization and the center for disease control show they are linked to cancer.

Professor it's mathematically been showen, proven and resolved this very year.

Walker have to make a stand for our children, for our great grand children and now is the time we have the evidence.

A mother says today's conclusion isn't the end.

Walker we aren't done.


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