Plans for Sutherlin resort cancelled, county officials say

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Published on December 5, 2019 -

Plans for Sutherlin resort cancelled, county officials say

They say the county extended the deadline twice in 2018.

In March 2019, they say both parties signed another “option to purchase” agreement with a deadline that ended Monday.


Plans for Sutherlin resort cancelled, county officials say


A huge resort in sutherlin that was scheduled to open in 2021 is officially dead.

They say the developer missed their monday deadline to pay for the property they sold to them.

Kezi 9 news reporter evita garza shows why parents say even kids are disappointed by the news.

Trt: 01:14 00:00 take lower while driving on i-5 through sutherlin, you may have seen thi* empty property near taylor road and page street.

This was suppose to be the home of the oregon only resort a place where locals and tourists could stop for shopping, lodging, golfing and even an amusment park.

But douglas county comissioners say the project is no more&since the developer failed to meet their payment and construction dealine, which ended on monday.

The county has owned the 126 acre property since 1991& but they sold it to oregon only developments for 1.2 million dollars.

00:31 evita:?other than wildlife safari in winston, some parents say there just isn any other large attractions in douglas county to draw tourists in.

That why they say the county desperately needed a resort like this.?

00:43 beth schultz, parent:?the wildlife safari is great.

Tourism&the wineries for adults.

But for kids?

There not a lot for kids to do in douglas county and i think that when kids get in trouble, when there not stuff to do?

County officials say they are incredibly sa?

The project over&since it woulde brought thousands of people to douglas county.

They said theye exteneded the deadline three times since 2018 to make sure the project happens.

But the developer never asked for another extention& and have stated they no longer want to pursue the project.

In sutherlin, evita garza kezi

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