Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

Newswatch 12's ashley tsao joins us live from ashland to explain what signs you should look for if you need to start that conversation.

There's not a certain age when someone has to stop driving.

Instead, it's about recognizing signs of unsafe driving.

[g7]senior drivers-hpots a-a-r-p says these are some signs that mean it's not safe for your parent or grandparent to drive anymore.

If they have a delayed response to unexpected situations, their confidence has decreased, or they're getting a lot of scrapes on their car, it might be time to sit down and talk.

It's hard to have this conversation.

It can become emotional , especially because driving lets seniors to be independent.

But aarp says it's an important conversation to have to keep everyone safe.

We'll have more information about how to have this difficult conversation on our website.

That's kdrv dot com.

Live in ashland, ashley tsao, newswatch 12.

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