Big Sister Little Sister 12-3-19

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Big Sister Little Sister 12-3-19

Big Sister Little Sister 12-3-19

At the right time.

<<it's a scene out of a lot of kitchens -- a woman and a teen cooking together making dinner.

But nichelle and alexis aren't mother and daughter -- they are big sister and little sister.the two were paired a little more than two years ago when alexis was looking for something that was missing in her life."i really didn't have anything to do and needed someone to talk to.

She came along and became my best friend."nichelle is a teacher and joined the program wanting to learn more about how to relate to kids and help them grow.

With her pairing with alexis, nichelle got a lot more than she bargained for."i don't think i realized how attached i'd get and how close we would be.

It's so much more than i ever expected it to be."

Now alexis has a mentor in nichelle who she can talk to about anything.

She says their relationship has changed her life."i'm doing so much better since i met her.

"my confidence level has gone up.

I'm not as shy to people any more."

I'm doing a whole lot better."

"your grades have gone up."

"a lot!"nichelle has some advice for people who think they wouldn't make a good big brother or sister.

"everybody has something to offer everybody has things they can share with someone else, their skills, time and help somebody become who they were meant to be.">>

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