Giving Tuesday Decrease in Donations 12-3-19

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Giving Tuesday Decrease in Donations 12-3-19

Giving Tuesday Decrease in Donations 12-3-19

Back... and while it's the season -- and the day -- of giving...many local charities are actually seeing a decrease in donations.

Kq2's brooke anderson spoke with two area non-profits who say they've taken a loss in monetary gifts this year compared to last... << it's a busy time of year for local non-profits...nat..

But while the work is adding up...they say the donations aren't..."overall throughout the whole year, our donations have been down."the afl-cio and united way both experiencing hits...united way wrapped up their annual campaign last month, falling short of their 2.9 million dollar goal at 2.6 million dollars.and the afl-cio, 5- 10-thousand where they were in 2018..."over probably the last six months, there have been probably more times than we can care to count how many times we've had to tell somebody that i'm sorry, there is no help available."both agencies say part of the loss is losing donations from larger companies..."we had a couple of specific relationships that represented large employee numbers where a decision was made at their headquarters change the united way campaign or take a break from it."but penny adams with the afl-cio says it's also a new generation of donors... "what we see more with the younger generations is they're busy with their own causes.

It's not that they're not as generous, they're just doing other things."the age gap also changing the ways monetary donations are given.both agencies report an increase in money given online...but now, some donations are also received through a monthly debit from a bank account or paycheck...and even through online and smartphone apps like vimeo, paypal and amazon.

"when i started here 14 years ago, those things were virtually non existant.""we have to be pretty flexible and on the ball when it comes to accepting money."but even so, the overall donations are still decreasing...a pattern that if continued...could have a ripple effect on the programs the afl-cio offers... "we may have to make some really tough decisions that affect our community."brooke anderson, kq2 news.

>> and if you want to sign up for the afl-cio's annual adopt a family program, you only have a few days left to do so... the last day to sign up to be adopted is this friday, december 6th.

The sign up sheet is at the afl-cio location at 1203 north 6th street.

They're open from 9 a.m.


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