Potential pellet gun incident involving MMSD student

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Potential pellet gun incident involving MMSD student

Jefferson Middle School student said they were hit from a pellet gun by another student.


Potential pellet gun incident involving MMSD student

December 4th.

We're following news breaking overnight -- of a madison middle school student -- who says they were shot with a pellet-gun on a school-bus.

Keely arthur's been following this story all morning long.

She's breaking down school policy for us this morning.

This is extra unerving considering the two school shootings that have already in wisconsin this week.

What we know so far is that this happened yesterday afternoon in madison.

Parents got an email about it... explaining that a student from jefferson middle school said they were hit by a pellet gun while getting off a bus, by another student still on the bus.

Jefferson's principal tequila kurth says the school was told about the incident by the family of the student who was hit.

Kurth says the district 'doesn't have any reason to believe' the student with the alleged pellet gun wanted to harm anyone with it.

She says the school will be talking with students about positive behavior expectations and the seriousness of having any type of weapon -- toy or replica.

Kurth goes on to encourage students to tell trusted adults about anything they know that concerns them at school.

Saying in part 'we want students to feel empowered to positively change the 'culture of silence' that can exist... your child's voice matters.'

Per district guidlines found on the distric'ts website... if a toy weapon is on a student but is not used to harm anyone- that student might recieve some sort of intervention without discipline... however, students who use a toy weapon to threaten or harm another person can get an out of school suspension of up to three days.

Obviously there are a lot grey area's in regaurds to this situation...we are contacting the school district and madison police to get more details to you...including if that student who was hit

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