Connect 2 Culture 12-4

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Connect 2 Culture 12-4

Connect 2 Culture 12-4

Irwin he's joined by emily frank koski from connected culturally here to break down some of the exciting things that we've got going on in joplin this december.

Thanks michael we are here with emily front kosky from connect the culture and we're going through what's happened in this holiday season because of so many different things performances classes exhibits workshops you name it.

>> let's start with performances.

What we have in disarray.

Those are just too high here especially during the season holiday which we're all all of the arts organizations are trying to get you all in the holiday spirit.


>> so first off is something that's close to connect culture it's our performance featuring david phelps and must be christmas it's on sunday december 15th, a 07:36:30pm doors open and he is a longtime member of the gate, their vocal band he was there 10 or and he's just a phenomenal singer and we had him 2 years ago and he sold out and so work close you know the orchestra mezzanine are pretty fall a single seats available, but the balcony is still available ok.

I'm so i would definitely not procrastinate not the time to do that anymore.

But he will saying classic christmas songs as well as new christmas songs will become staples and year holiday music listening so.

We are bright 30 to $50 so definitely go online connect culture dot or call us up or where is the top of the car market the 3 saturdays before each performance, sweet.

Ok cool that's on the glass, what else.

Missouri southern state university is coral department is putting on their 10th annual.

Seasonal coral flourish and this is a very popular performance at saint peter's.

Church downtown.

And it's going to be saturday december 5th or 7th the saturday december 7 okay 01:00pm and 07:30pm yeah, they have 2 performances this year because it's usually packed and it's free every a very open to everyone and they have a variety of different choral groups from missouri doctor schauer low is the conductor and it's just an amazing time lots of classical christmas songs.

I'm just really gets you in the holiday spirit here for that's awesome all right cool.

Well then let's switch over.

Those are 2 examples of of many but next we've got events that are happening so those are i mean those events to those are performances you can to 10.

>> what's out what's happening on the cat.

>> and events we have some exciting things.

Friday december 6 to 7 to 10:00pm going to be a vintage swing movements.

December first friday do they do it.

Every first friday at joplin avenue coffee company.

The only pay are they have they teach as wind second ashley are like to the basis for the yeah so and so's bringing couple, you know you have to be in couple bring your significant other the friends and learn how swing dance and then freddie green and friends will perform live jazz music and you can just.

>> you know kick it.

>> like the best jazz at mssu yes combined with the best dancers and that's something that was cool and then one other one we have going on us historic murphy's berg preservation is home for the holidays, homestore and that's on saturday december 14 1 to 06:00pm.

You have to meet unity joplin church yeah get your tickets $20 in advance $25 on the and this is a homes tour of the historic homes in murphy's bird neighborhood is also close to downtown and they will have their homes decked out for the holidays and so you get to kind of and meyer historic architecture as well as see what people are doing inside their homes to for some of the holiday season.

I love it as awesome will have all the information on our website koam news now dot com you can also head to connect a culture dot org and find all the info there.

>> we'll be back with him later in the show to talk about these are going to be great to talk about

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