Wednesday Morning Sprint

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Published on December 5, 2019 -

Wednesday Morning Sprint

The Madison Metropolitan School District and Madison Police are looking into an incident that left a student shot by an apparent pellet gun.


Wednesday Morning Sprint

It's 6:5 .... time for the morning sprint -- with the most local news to start your wednesday.

We start with breaking news of a madison student -- shot by a pellet gun on a school-bus.

Keely arthur has the latest.

The madison police are investigating an incident involving the madison school district.

A jefferson middle school student says they were hit by a pellet gun while getting off the bus by another student who was still on the bus.

This happened yesterday afternoon.

According to a letting to parents....jeffer son middle school principal tequila kurth says she doesn't believe the student with the alleged pellet gun wanted to harm anyone with it.

This is a developing story and we contacting the madison police department and school district to learn more including if the student hit was injured.

We now know the student shot by police in waukesha -- was holding a pellet gun at the time of the shooting.

Police say the 17-year-old pointed a pellet gun at another student's head -- and at police during a confrontation.

An officer shot the student three times... once in the leg and twice in the arm.

The student is still in the hospital this morning... but once he's released he'll be going to jail.

A wisconsin school district is closed today after the second school shooting in as many days here in wisconsin.

It happened at oshkosh west high school yesterday morning.

The city's police chief says a 16- year-old student stabbed the school's resource- officer.

Both the officer and the student were hurt, but will recover from their injuries.

Two of governor evers' children graduated from oshkosh west high school... he says quote "we can't keep pretending that this only happens in other communities or in other states - it's happening here, too."

Attorney general josh kaul is also reacting to the shooting.

He says the state needs to work to identify potential threats earlier, and continue to invest in safety precautions.

Today: mostly sunny and breezy.

High: 38 wind: nw 10-20 mph tonight: becoming mostly cloudy.

Low: 26 wind: w 5-10 mph the amount of gun background checks taking place this year is more than last year's amount.

On black friday alone... more than 202- thousand checks were run through the national background check system... making for the second-highest single day in history.

F-b-i data shows the number is 11-percent higher compared to last year... but 20-17's black friday had a slightly higher total of 203- thousand.

All incoming officers to a local police department are being trained in a new way to take down a violent, resisting suspect.

In the last three years... the madison police department has been looking at the department's use of force incidents.

They found the techniques officers have been using -- had a higher chance of injury for the officer and the suspect.

The city of reedsburg is considering whether sex offenders can live closer to schools.

Offenders currently can't live within 15- hundred feet of a child safety zone -- which includes schools and community buildings.

The city's looking to scale that back to 1- thousand-250 feet... to create more housing options.

The next meeting to discuss this proposal and possibly make a final decision is on january 13.

The state department of safety and professional services in investigating after a uw- madison employee died from a fall while working on campus.

75-year-old roberto vergara had worked for u-w for 10 years before this accident over the weekend.

He fell while leaving a building and hit his head on the sidewalk.

A coworker called 9-1-1 and vergara was taken to the hospital... but died from his injuries.

Uw-madison police are investigating 30-thousand- dollars' worth of stolen instruments on campus.

They were taken from the school of music sometime over the thanksgiving break.

Police are working with building staff on security procedures, to prevent future burglaries.

Anyone with information should contact the campus police department.

The house judiciary committee will hold its first public impeachment hearing starting at 9 this morning.

This comes after the house intelligence committee approved a report of the investigation into president trump's dealings with ukraine... which came to the conclusion that the president looked to misuse his office for personal and political gain.

Republicans produced their own report ... saying there's no firsthand account of any wrongdoing.

President trump is still at the nato summit in london this morning.

He sat down with french president emanuel macron and canadian prime minister justin trudeau yesterday... and called on both leaders to increase their countries' military spending.

The president will meet with german chancellor angela merkel today.

The group of democratic candidates is thinning out just months ahead of the iowa caucuses.

Kamala harris says she looked over her campaign finances over the weekend and decided she couldn't go on.

Another factor in her decision was mike bloomberg -- who in less than 10 days spent more than twice what harris raised all year.

Andrew yang's campaign is reaching out to the f-b-i... after reportedly getting several death threats during its latest tour.

A campaign official told the hill that emails sent from a user going by the name 'hitman yang' threatened to shoot members of yang's team.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to josh timm with a look at your first-alert traffic.

Today: mostly sunny and breezy.

High: 38 wind: nw 10-20 mph tonight: becoming mostly cloudy.

Low: 26 wind: w 5-10 mph

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