DIY Wednesday 12-4

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
DIY Wednesday 12-4

DIY Wednesday 12-4

As she always decorated, so pretty no needles everywhere.

And yes, less of a fire hazard now it's time to turn our attention over studio d where we find jessie an ab ab real or artificial, so it's going to ask you.

>> artificial i would love to have real this affair comes in you can probably make one i thought she was going to write grow my own trees.

That mike this yeah notes that doesn't surprise either of us who don't and well i'll tell you a little i mean think about it we had we had thanksgiving that we black friday and small business saturday and we took a day off on sunday, the breeze and then we had.

>> cyber monday giving tuesday and now it's was amy doing it's what's amy doing one-and-a-half exactly what we do and we are making salt dough ornament.

>> ok and they are so much fun to do.

Their kid friendly.

And they're super cute to decorate your presence with them and give as a gift to go for an ornament next year or do with the kids and they make their own so super fun all right so what's the process.

>> the process is it's 4 ingredients for flower sold.

And inexpensive chalk paint and water.

Chalk paint chalk pay.

>> yeah, what does that provide us it just has.

>> chalk it looked like ground-up chalk it so more mineral base located in a latex paint got it so it's going to dry out a little quicker in what the pain doesn't are salt don't want to miss is makes them why if if i don't put pain and they are a little bit creamy and i wanted him to be super whiteside put pain in all.

So then once we add our ingredients we get a don't like this yeah and it's and we can play out like plato right and then i took my little link and i just rolled it out to about a quarter of an inch or half an inch is fine that picture it is the longer it takes to dry and and then you can cut them so you want to cut shane sure his press it down in call.

And then yet you can put up.

And i'll take a little bit of may find look it's super.

It's together.

So we're going to take this and then we're going to trade if we can take our though here in roll back out making more and more and more banks so they were going to take a stand.

So these are stamps for down their stance you can put in khan and put him on paper ahead learn press that in and i chose the side.

You stamp the whole thing and then eventually what you end up with after you let it dry you can let it air dry for 72 hours or you can put it in the oven at 200 for about 2 hours.

200 for 2 hours.

Yeah and then they come of a card like this.

And then i um i wrap some twine and and you can make it as an ornament and i as a rule, especially if you're doing with the kids left inside the back after their dry.

Yeah, so that um you know they can be proud and have that memory forever.

My grandparents had our ornaments for.

>> you know for years and years and now we have arguments that we made one when i was little but you can also give it as a gift on a package like this has just tied with that wind.

Yeah and i put a little spray gun man.

Beautiful you can put initials on it and make it a gift and yes, you can stamped with the name you can stamp it with merry christmas i just prefer kind of a basic florida lead tight.

>> it's gorgeous or right, we'll put all the instructions.

I love it i think it's a great way to do to celebrate this is making activity out of something that you would normally just go shopping for things really fun any.

Thank you very much a swing like give big plans this holiday season.

Yes, thanks will keep you in the loop on those yet to meet they want to hear oh my all right we'll be right the news on fox 14.

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