live shot bb gun 5

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
liv shot bb gun Middlebrook elementary

live shot bb gun 5

Jazmin and candance one student here at cpl.

Michael middlebrook was arrested and charged with aggravated battery after bring a bb gun to school and shooting another student in the footpolice say the un-named juvenile student was again arrested today after the school resource officer was given more details about the tuesday's incident.

News 15 did speak with one gun expert who say many people make the mistake to saying a bb gun is a toy but is not.

It goes back to gun saftey and educating people on this is a weapon this is not a toyu thi sis not somthing to be shot indoors this is not somthing that shoul be brought to school this should be handled as a real weapon not as a toy."

This is the second time 3 middle brook elemenrary has been in the spotlight in less that two weeks..last month a teacher at the school george threaux was arrested and chraged with simple battery against a juvenile.... tonight we'll have more from joey comeaux with cover six training acadamey and just how serious he say bb guns are live in lfayette leigha mcneil

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