Pet Connection Interview 12-4

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Pet Connection Interview 12-4

Pet Connection Interview 12-4

Under the radar jackpots what any bet that any time area 51 only in high winds.

>> welcome back to enjoying this morning by marianne and lexi.

>> from golden palm with that a couple of fun, little ones here good morning have this is noah.

No is just the kid is thing on the face of this police persitz pup definitely definitely it's funny because all his brothers and sisters have deposits and he's the only one that doesn't ease the.

>> prettiest of the bunch i know you're but he's your knees mix of course to be this began to be this beautiful.

His about 14 weeks right now he's going to that this week and he will be ready to go to some buddies home on and what a great crusade to residents what is next to no we never know of and you know who knows and they can't even guess.

>> what they had a little bit of different colors that maybe healer but who knows you know.

And he just he got most of the pyrenees jeans, it's just so those guys are just sitting this many units.

>> days how do how sweet it is but then he wouldn't get you do you have here this is rest the rest is a 4 year-old border collie he is great with kids his great with other dogs he does well with cats so.

>> he should be an easy fit in pretty much any home.

Very sweet boy and hear the yeah here is he knew he had me in the other room right up on top of you guys over thanksgiving at a program called home for the holidays, right.

>> fostering program i work out and for the first time it worked out really well.

We're going to continue that of course into christmas and the christmas holidays in.

If you come pick one up anytime you want if you want me to dog to make your holidays, better.

Worked well we had about 1012 something like that that went out a couple did get adopted for being gone are hoping the rest that are still out are going to stay where they are just make sure that you do plan to be home for the holidays, if you do you oh, yeah you can take a dog home and then go morning are no that's not what we're asking for but if you want a dog to cuddle up to by the fireplace for christmas.

>> we got the dog that's curious.

The ones that didn't get adopted and just being outside the you know going pop for a little bit didn't change their spirits store you know they get abs they get into some new things and be able to see different things and.

>> love them by people that make such a difference even if it is for just short time.

>> they're probably waiting for the next trip there you go i'm all right so next friday of course we have an express again and express and then on saturday next saturday is as smart so we'll have some pets out of petsmart that people can adopt.

>> more maybe find out more information about home for the holidays, right.

>> and you guys have a special angel tree set up.

>> this that was so great to see and.

Is this parade is just a great thing media is she knows more about it than i do, but you have of that at the outset as stockings with pictures of different animals and how many days they've been at the shelter.

You can sponsor the animal.

You can make a monthly donation are one-time donation towards the care of the animal you can donate items for them um if you sponsor in animals and do something in the mail with information about the animal they are helping.

And a lot of people are coming and meet the animals that they're sponsoring so then that gives them time to get out and play also that's awesome that's i mean not everyone can head into their minds to this allows them to help out as well we're so happy.

>> the way this is all been received 5 and it's it's really a nice of feet time of the year for everything.

>> lennon maryana want to thank you for bringing a toy for only 12 on our pollution.

I will bring another one next they're still but it's a great deal.

A lot of kids that they have some are wonderful toys here.

>> christmas thanks to you guys move thank you so much.

>> thank you too for coming in and hopefully we can find these guys their forever home coming

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