First Responder Housing Act

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
First Responder Housing Act

First Responder Housing Act

New roles for them.

A new bill could expand housing asisstance for volunteer emergency responders.

The volunteer first responder housing act' was introduced by a number of lawmakers including wisconsin senator tammy baldwin today.

The bill makes it possible for volunteer firefighters and other responders to be a part of government programs that make housing options more affordable.

According to the u-s fire association, more than 90- percent of fire departments in wisconsin are staffed by mostly or all volunteers.

As these departments continue to struggle with staffing needs... senator baldwin says this bill provides incentive for volunteers through affordable living.

"i hear from the communities that are experiencing these challenges, they're pointing to a lot of obstascles.

But one of them is just the affordability of housing.

If you can't afford to live in a community then it's awfully difficult to continue to serve that community as a volunteer."

The bill also makes volunteer emergency responders eligible for a 50-percent discount from the listed price of homes located in revitalized areas.

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