Huntsville Apartment Fire Follow-Up

Video Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
Published on December 5, 2019 -
Fire Marshal determined smoke alarms did not sound

Huntsville Apartment Fire Follow-Up


New information on the fire that displaced at least a dozen people in huntsville... we may never know what caused it - because the building was so severely damaged.

The area where the fire started was torn down because it was deemed unsafe.

It happened at sunlake apartments off zeridt road.

Waay 31's sydney martin is live at the fire marshal's office tonight after working to learn more about the fire.

The huntsville fire marshal sat down with me here at his office today- and told me this is just one of many recent fires they are investigating.

However, he said although they know which unit the fire started in..right now, they can't figure out what happpened.

Huntsville fire an rescue said the wind was a challenge for the firefighters who had to battle the fire.

Neighbors who's units weren't destroyed but had smoke damage were working to get their belongings out of their units today.

All of them that i talked to didn't want to go on camera but told me they're thankful they weren't hurt and are still able to recover their things.

The huntsville fire marshall said they spent time interviewing them about what happened prior to the fire.

"during interviews of people in the adjacent apartments they smelt smoke first and then there was no reports that they heard a smoke detector going off at all."

Wilkerson said it's unclear if the smoke detectors in the unit where the fire started were properly working.

He told me it will be impossible to find out because they were destroyed in the fire .

Now if you have a smoke detector in your home you should be testing it every 30 days to make sure it works..

And he said having a working smoke detector could mean the difference between losing all your belongings and just having some damage to your home.

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