School budget bickering

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Published on December 5, 2019 -

School budget bickering

Commissioners and school board members have been feuding over funding.

Here is what some of them hope will happen at their next joint meeting this month.


School budget bickering

Otherwise routine hamilton county commission meeting this morning, chairman randy fairbanks reminded the members of the joint meeting with the school board next monday.

Commissioners shared their hopes for the meeting, with news 12's ashley henderson.

Mayor jim coppinger and hamilton county schools superintendent dr. bryan johnson, set up the joint meeting to discuss, among other things, possible raises for teachers.

After a long budget battle earlier this year, the school board asked for a 34 cent tax increase, which was voted down by the commission.

Commissioners accused the board of bait and switch, and board members accused some commissioners of not caring about students or schools.

The budget season ended without a tax increase.

Several commissioners shared what they hope to see come out of the meeting monday.

Randy fairbanks chairman ham.


Commission, dist.

1 "i hope, what will be addressed at that meeting is, the school board will give us some idea of what they're thinking as far as the capitol projects they're looking at, from the report that has just come out, and then maybe give us a little thoughts on what they're thinking as far as operational costs going forward."

Sabrina smedley ham.


Commissioner, dist.

7 "first of all i hope we can find some common ground with the school board.

You know i have a great working relationship with my partner on the school board, joe wingate, but i think after coming out of a pretty contentious budget season, it's very important that we all get on the same page and kind of regroup, because we do have some big issues that we have to take on and find solutions to."

One of those big issues is the more than 1 point 3 billion dollars in deferred maintenance and capitol needs that was identified in the facilities report.

It was prepared by mgt consulting group and presented in july of this year.

David sharpe, ham.


Commissioner, dist.

6 "we have a history of finger pointing in hamilton county for decades now and i certainly hope we can get past that and work towards

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