Community Supports Woman Seriously Hurt In Wreck

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Published on December 5, 2019 -

Community Supports Woman Seriously Hurt In Wreck

Community members support Ashley Ball, who continues to improve after being badly injured in wreck in November.


Community Supports Woman Seriously Hurt In Wreck

Will not be allowed to return.

New at six -- a woman critically injured from a wreck off highway 431 on halloween is on the road to recovery.

Ashley ball was driving to pick up her daughter from school when she lost control of her car.

It spun into the opposite lane -- hit a car -- and went over a guardrail.

She broke several bones and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

But as waay31's megan reyna explains -- it's the community's support and help that's getting ball's family through this tough time.

Megan says:"brett ball is thankful his wife is alive.

It was right here, where her car went over this guardrail... and she had to be cut out of the roof by first responders.

Ball says he saw the wreck himself... but didn't realize at the time... his wife was involved."

Ball says:"i couldn't recognize the vehicle, it was so mangled, and destroyed."

Halloween night... brett ball got a call from his daughter's school to pick her up.

He knew something was wrong... since it was his wife's turn to get their 10 year old.

Ball says:"i was panicked because i didn't know what had happened."

Ball quickly found out ashley was in the i-c-u at huntsville hospital.

She had broken several bones... and had swelling and bleeding in her brain.

It was at that moment the army veteran gained his fighting mentality.

Ball says:"a strong sense of duty... that's really what it is, a strong sense of duty to her, our family, our community."

A community that him and his wife have only been a part of since may.

Natz after a month in the i-c-u... ashley is now at a rehab center in atlanta.

Every weekend... ball makes the drive to be with her.

Ball says:"she's come a long way so far, still having trouble with the cognitive portion" but ashley has hundreds of people... even strangers rooting her on.

Brett started a facebook group/page?

To post updates on her recovery for close friends and family... but it quickly grew as more people became invested in her journey.

Ball says:"eventually i'll use that as a journal for her to look and find out exactly what happened" ball says ashley has already made huge strides.

He's hopeful she make a full recovery physically... but the permanent damage from the brain injury is still not clear.

Ball says"it's really just a matter of time, we have to pay it day by day."

Megan reyna waay31 news.

The ball family has a go fund me set up to help with medical costs.

So far... they've raised a third of their goal.

If you'd like to help... we have a link

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