drug Overdose charges

Video Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
Published on December 5, 2019 -
Four people have been charged in a fatal drug overdose case in Hixson.

drug Overdose charges

Charged in connection with a recent fatal drug overdose in hixson.

News 12's robyn estabrook joins us live with the details.


The suspects in the fatal overdose were taken to the hamilton county jail.

People with drug treatment centers say it's good arrests like this are happening.

At home away extended stay studios on northpoint boulevard a fatal overdose happened on monday.

Chattanooga police say 58 year old mark elliot died.

Narcotics and homicide investigators worked together to arrest four people in connection to the death.

They interviewed witnesses and collected evidence.

Nicole cimini and joshua johnson are charged with second degree murder and conspiracy to distribute heroin.

Milton patrick and jeffrey scealf are charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin.

At cadas, a drug treatment center, they say this is a good idea.

Debbie loudermilk/cada s "whatever we can do, we should do to get the attention of the opioid epidemic and continue to say this is unacceptable and people are culpable if they are involved in any level."

They say it take many different agencies to fight the opioid problem.

"we have to all work together.

I think we have to work with law enforcement and treatment, judicial systems, with professionals, with physicians.

It has to be a multi pronged approach."

At cadas, they feel it sends a message when people are arrested for drug overdose cases.

"so we are trying to hold people accountable for their part in this kind of destructive path we are on.

So i think anything we can do at this point to have that impact is a good idea."

As for this case, police say more charges could happen after a review by the hamilton county district attorney's office.

If you have information about this case, you are asked to contact chattanooga police.

Live in chattanooga, robyn estabrook, news 12 now.

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